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Friends of Friends of Friends
Description: To list all the Seventh-day Adventist Churches and invite new people to check them out.
Date Created: 4/16/2008
Category Managed: Seventh-day Adventist Churches
Members: 16
Scouting HQ Managers
Description: To locate the Headquarters Buildings of Scouting Organizations around the world.
Date Created: 2/21/2008
Category Managed: Scouting Headquarters
Members: 16
Pole Workers
Description: To waymark objects that are ordinarily at ground level which are placed up high for commercial or artistic purposes as eye-catching 3-dimensional sculpture, billboard or sign.
Date Created: 1/16/2008
Category Managed: Elevated Everyday Objects
Members: 16
The Old Salts
Description: Administration of the Maritime Museums category. The purpose of this Group is to help preserve the world's maritime history to better understand mankind's various relationships to the oceans, seas, and major waterways of the globe.
Date Created: 1/2/2008
Category Managed: Maritime Museums
Members: 16
Fill 'er up
Description: To find the locations of Old Gas Stations
Date Created: 1/1/2008
Category Managed: Vintage Gas Stations
Members: 16
Description: To locate and Waymark hospitals worldwide.Whether it be a large city hospital or a small town one doctor location.This is the place to log it.
Date Created: 11/24/2007
Category Managed: Hospitals
Members: 16
U.S. 99 Road Trippers
Description: The group's mission is to document and photograph the historic places of America's original north/south corridor, Highway 99.
Date Created: 11/12/2007
Category Managed: U.S. Route 99 - The Pacific Highway
Members: 16
The Sewer Rats
Description: The "Sewer Rats" will be looking for "Manhole Covers" of not the ordinary kind but for "Unique" ones with interesting or artistic designs. They may have inscribed on them the name of your town, a company, the manufacturer...
Date Created: 11/7/2007
Category Managed: Unique Manhole Covers
Members: 16
Kroger Family
Description: A category to locate all the Kroger grocery stores in the United States. Stores: Kroger Ralphs King Soopers City Market Dillons Smiths Fry's QFC Quality Food...
Date Created: 11/4/2007
Category Managed: Kroger Supermarkets
Members: 16
Frieze Framers
Description: This group will manage the group of Frieze Art
Date Created: 10/29/2007
Category Managed: Frieze Art
Members: 16
On the map
Description: Find Permanent Coordinates Coordinates permanently on buildings, signs other permanent structures.
Date Created: 10/26/2007
Category Managed: Permanent Geographic Coordinates
Members: 16
Homemade Tombstone Hunters
Description: The Homemade Tombstone Hunters group has been created to manage the Homemade Tombstones category, which will seek submission of waymarks of handmade tombstones around the world. Homemade Tombstones The goal of the Homemade Tombstones...
Date Created: 9/21/2007
Category Managed: Homemade Tombstones
Members: 16
Arch Bridges
Description: Bridges which use an arch to support its load are for this category. This type of bridge design is one of the oldest and longest lasting kinds. Several stone arch bridges made over 1000 years ago are still standing today, even without the use of mortar....
Date Created: 9/3/2007
Category Managed: Arch Bridges
Members: 16
Still Life with Woodpecker
Description: A category to waymark sculptures of objects.
Date Created: 8/30/2007
Category Managed: Realistic Object Sculptures
Members: 16
English Heritage
Description: To find Properties owned and managed in the UK by English Heritage. A category especially for UK Geocachers and Waymarkers. We will also be waymarking "Cadw" and "Historic Scotland" sites. These are the equivalent organisations in Wales...
Date Created: 8/29/2007
Category Managed: English Heritage - Cadw - Historic Scotland
Members: 16
Sun Kings
Description: This group manages the Solar Power Category for locations where solar energy is harvested as an alternative to other sources.
Date Created: 7/18/2007
Category Managed: Solar Power
Members: 16
Mountain Gaps
Description: The purpose of this group is to create a category to waymark mountain gaps (the low point between two mountains).
Date Created: 6/19/2007
Category Managed: Named Mountain Gaps
Members: 16
The Gatekeepers
Description: This "Category" was created to photograph and record the many unique garden and driveway gates.(NO doors or doorways)
Date Created: 1/25/2007
Category Managed: Gates of Distinction
Members: 16
New Zealand Historic Places
Description: This group is to identify the locations of New Zealand historic places identified by the National Historic Places Trust. Information for the New Zealand Historic Places Trust can be found at:
Date Created: 1/5/2007
Category Managed: New Zealand Historic Places
Members: 16
Eat Fresh!
Description: Subway Restaurants around the world!
Date Created: 11/7/2006
Category Managed: Subway Restaurants
Members: 16
It's All About Us!
Description: To manage the category, "Your Name Here".
Date Created: 11/6/2006
Category Managed: Your Name Here
Members: 16
Rose Garden Group
Description: To waymark public Rose gardens for all to enjoy.
Date Created: 10/29/2006
Category Managed: Rose Gardens
Members: 16
Local Information
Description: To create a list of government operated "Tourist Information Centers" or "Visitor Centers" for travellers to find local information.
Date Created: 8/22/2006
Category Managed: Tourist Information Centers - Visitor Centers
Members: 16
Highway Rest Areas
Description: Over the years I would have loved to know not only where highway rest areas are located but also what to expect once I get there. The purpose of this group is to operate a Category that locates and catalogs facilities and services at the rest stops.
Date Created: 7/26/2006
Category Managed: Highway Rest Areas
Members: 16
Description: Dedicated to locating all the shooting ranges threwout the world. Guns/Archery/3D/Clubs
Date Created: 6/21/2006
Category Managed: Shooting Ranges
Members: 16
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