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Wagon Roads & Trails
Description: This is a group to help mark Wagon roads and Trails that cross the United States. Most were emigrant trails to begin with to continue Manifest Destiny and then were used as roads to carry goods until the trains came in the 1880's. The...
Date Created: 5/15/2007
Category Managed: Wagon Roads and Trails
Members: 14
Description: To identify and mark all places of worship classified as Cathedrals. England, for example has 42 churches that have a bishops throne and are thus cathedrals. Wales has 6 and so on. The intention is to explore how many there are world wide and make these available...
Date Created: 4/9/2007
Category Managed: Cathedrals
Members: 14
Antique Hotels Managers
Description: The Purpose of this groups is to waymark Antique Hotels all around the world.
Date Created: 12/6/2006
Category Managed: Antique Hotels
Members: 14
Interesting Intersections
Description: This group will manage the Interesting Intersections category.
Date Created: 9/26/2006
Category Managed: Interesting Intersection Names
Members: 14
Skateboarding Parks
Description: A place to post coords of skate parks all over the world.
Date Created: 9/26/2006
Category Managed: Skateparks
Members: 14
Children's Museums
Description: Children's museums are fun, interactive gathering places where families can learn and play with other families. Many children's museums are located in major travel and tourism destinations. They are inclusive, non-judgmental environments where kids...
Date Created: 9/14/2006
Category Managed: Children's Museums
Members: 14
Wee Folk & Fairy Door Managers
Description: This group's mission is to waymark any magical creature (fairy, elf, gnome etc.) miniature door that is accessible to the public. Fairies,Gnomes,& Elves are settling in unimaginable places lately. At least, that's what a lot...
Date Created: 8/27/2006
Category Managed: Wee Folk Fairy Doors
Members: 14
Aquarium Waymarking Group
Description: This group's purpose is to keep track of all the public aquariums around the world. These are the large admission-based aquariums that are home to fish, sharks, seals, penguins, and other marine and freshwater life. So no home aquariums, no medical office...
Date Created: 8/2/2006
Category Managed: Public Aquariums
Members: 14
Flower Fields Managers
Description: This group will manage locations to view large fields of flowers. There are many well-publicized wildflower preserves and unknown out of the way fields. Routinely cultivated fields of flowers will also be included so long as they consistantly replanted with...
Date Created: 7/29/2006
Category Managed: Flower Fields
Members: 14
Botanical Gardens Managers
Description: This group manages the Botanical Gardens category.
Date Created: 6/15/2006
Category Managed: Botanical Gardens
Members: 14
Drive-In Movie Theaters Managers
Description: This group manages the Drive-In Movie Theaters category.
Date Created: 6/15/2006
Category Managed: Drive-In Movie Theaters
Members: 14
Farmers' Markets Managers
Description: This group manages the Farmers' Markets category,
Date Created: 6/15/2006
Category Managed: Farmers' Markets
Members: 14
Free Overnight RV Parking Locations Managers
Description: This group manages the Free Overnight RV Parking Locations category.
Date Created: 6/15/2006
Category Managed: Free Overnight RV Parking Locations
Members: 14
Simulacra Managers
Description: This group manages the Simulacra category.
Date Created: 6/15/2006
Category Managed: Simulacra
Members: 14
Factory Tour Guide
Description: Manage Factory Tour entries
Date Created: 6/13/2006
Category Managed: Factory Tours
Members: 14
Atlas Statues
Description: This group was established to manage the "Atlas Statues" category. Our mission is to provide a way for all who are interested, to view photos and brief statements of "Atlas Statues" from around the world and to encourage everyone to submit...
Date Created: 5/19/2006
Category Managed: Atlas Statues
Members: 14
Description: Looking for EMS stations.
Date Created: 4/17/2006
Category Managed: Paramedic Stations
Members: 14
Great Florida Birding Trail
Description: This is the management group for the Great Florida Birding Trail locations waymark category. The Great Florida Birding Trail is a program of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, supported in part by the Florida Department...
Date Created: 4/17/2006
Category Managed: The Great Florida Birding Trail
Members: 14
Building Buildings
Description: The idea of this category is to track high-rise buildings as they get built. Please make sure that the buildings will be at least 6 stories when completed.
Date Created: 4/9/2006
Category Managed: Building Buildings
Members: 14
Following Entomology
Date Created: 4/5/2006
Category Managed: Insect Sculptures
Members: 14
Giant Board Games
Description: Manage giant board games!
Date Created: 4/2/2006
Category Managed: Giant Board Games
Members: 14
Miniature RR Managers
Description: Manage the Miniature Railroad and Park Train Category.
Date Created: 3/31/2006
Category Managed: Miniature Railroads
Members: 14
New Jersey Historic Markers Group
Description: The mission of the New Jersey Historical Markers Group is to promote the preservation of the cultural and architectural heritage of New Jersey through education, advocacy, stewardship and promoting waymarks to this category.
Date Created: 3/30/2006
Category Managed: New Jersey Historical Markers
Members: 14
Description: A group for the management and promotion of Massachusetts Historic Markers.
Date Created: 3/30/2006
Category Managed: Massachusetts Historical Markers
Members: 14
National Historic Landmarks Managers
Description: The mission of this group is to manage the approximately 2,500 landmarks (and growing) listed as part of the National Historic Landmarks Program within the NPS (National Park Service). These American landmarks have been designated by the Secretary of the Interior...
Date Created: 10/25/2006
Category Managed: National Historic Landmarks
Members: 14
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