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Birders & Associates
Description: To help create a 'Category Management' team for the existing category of "UNIQUE BIRDBOXES" and to oversee that the submissions are adhering to present guidelines.
Date Created: 4/1/2006
Category Managed: Unique Bird Houses
Members: 12
Make Waymarks Not Microcaches
Description: This group is to establish a new category "Make Waymarks Not Microcaches" and to publish waymarks that might be a better option to microcaches.
Date Created: 10/19/2007
Category Managed: Make Waymarks Not Microcaches
Members: 12
local landmarkers
Description: Creating a catagory of local landmarks
Date Created: 4/7/2006
Category Managed: Local Landmarks
Members: 12
Fire Watchmen
Description: To develop and manage a category that contains descriptions of fire lookouts all across the US and other parts of the world. Many of these lookouts appear in the National Historic Lookout Register ( as well as former fire lookouts in the Former...
Date Created: 9/25/2012
Category Managed: Fire Lookouts
Members: 12
League of ID cachers
Description: A great group of people that still geocache, but see a need for waymarking and the fun times it can bring too.
Date Created: 11/6/2011
Category Managed: Geo-Art
Members: 12
Graves of Unusual Deaths
Description: The mission of this group is to seek out any and all graves of individuals who have an unusual death engraved on their headstone or marker.
Date Created: 1/11/2015
Category Managed: Graves of Unusual Deaths
Members: 13
Sister Cities
Description: A group to waymark monuments and to sister cities.
Date Created: 6/26/2010
Category Managed: Sister City Monuments
Members: 13
Description: Forming a group to manage the Research Institutes category. Our focus will be to waymark Research Institutes around the world, from all fields of science and technology.
Date Created: 12/12/2009
Category Managed: Research Institutes
Members: 13
C&G Rock Climbing
Description: To manage rock climbing categories: Rock Gyms Established Climbing Areas
Date Created: 11/22/2009
Category Managed: Established Rock Climbing Areas
Members: 13
Parallel waymarkers
Description: Group manages the Great Lines of Earth category. These include markers, plaques or other objects that indicate one of lines below: Five major circles of latitude: 1. Arctic Circle (66° 33′ 38″...
Date Created: 8/5/2009
Category Managed: Great Lines of Earth
Members: 13
Renaissance Musketeers
Description: This group wants to promote a new category serving for waymarking of interesting buildings built in Renaissance architectural style.
Date Created: 4/30/2009
Category Managed: Renaissance Architecture
Members: 13
Kingdom Halls of Jehovah's Witnesses
Description: A category to waymark the Kingdom Halls of Jehovah's Witnesses across the world.
Date Created: 1/22/2009
Category Managed: Kingdom Halls of Jehovah's Witnesses
Members: 13
I've Been Working On The Railroad
Description: A group for railroad maintenance of way "MOW" equipment on display. To create a category for equipment that maintained the rails for the safety of its passengers and employees. Speeders aka.(Putt-Putts), track inspection cars, ballast cars etc. No...
Date Created: 1/21/2009
Category Managed: Railroad Maintenance-Of-Way Equipment
Members: 13
Googly Earth Seekers
Description: to manage seek out and waymark a category for google earth oddities
Date Created: 1/6/2009
Category Managed: Satellite Imagery Oddities
Members: 13
Grain Elevators
Description: The goal of our group is to photograph and document grain elevators throughout the world.
Date Created: 12/30/2008
Category Managed: Grain Elevators
Members: 13
The Scribes
Description: This Group will manage a category for documenting Jewish places of woship, whether they are called synagogues, temples, or shuls.
Date Created: 12/3/2008
Category Managed: Synagogues
Members: 13
Description: This group will set up and maintain a category for "Exceptional Tree Growth Ring Displays". Often cross sections of very large or very old trees are displayed pointing out significant dates in history or climate periods in the tree's growth rings....
Date Created: 10/26/2008
Category Managed: Exceptional Tree Growth Ring Displays
Members: 13
Sitting Pretty
Description: To sit and ponder the Artistic Seating Category.
Date Created: 9/19/2008
Category Managed: Artistic Seating
Members: 13
Peanuts/Charles Schultz
Description: On May 27,2000, nearly 100 syndicated cartoonists created special Peanuts-themed comics as a lasting memorial to Charles M. Schulz, creator of the enduring and beloved strip. I thought that this would be a great tribute to Charles Schulz and his Peanuts...
Date Created: 9/3/2008
Category Managed: Peanuts Characters
Members: 13
Description: To find and waymark all gravemarkers bearing a pseudonym for a non-military individual buried without identification and to manage all waymarking submissions to the category for the same purpose.
Date Created: 9/2/2008
Category Managed: Graves of the Unknown
Members: 13
Bus Drivers
Description: To Waymark bus stations, bus terminals or transfer stations worldwide. Stations can be for bus lines, public transits(metros) or transit (transportation) systems, local bus companies (private or public), sightseeing terminals, etc. Stations, Terminals ,transfer...
Date Created: 8/19/2008
Category Managed: Bus Stations
Members: 13
House of Waymarkers
Description: The House of Waymarkers manages The Episcopal Churches category. Welcome to the Episcopal Church... category!
Date Created: 8/9/2008
Category Managed: Anglican and Episcopal Churches
Members: 13
Description: This group will manage the Cobblestone Buildings category.
Date Created: 5/21/2008
Category Managed: Cobblestone Buildings
Members: 13
Legion Cairns and Memorials
Description: To Locate, and Waymark all of the Royal Canadian Legion`s - Cairns, Memorials, Plaques, and Cenotaphs around the World.
Date Created: 3/23/2008
Category Managed: Canadian Legion Memorials Cairns and Cenotaphs
Members: 13
Description: this group is for all reading addicts who like to buy their reading materials in indie shops.
Date Created: 2/10/2008
Category Managed: Independent Bookstores
Members: 13
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