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Description: A group to waymark static car displays. These displays should not be part of a car/automobile museum.
Date Created: 10/30/2007
Category Managed: Permanent Car Displays
Members: 12
Night Watchers
Description: For centuries cemeteries were often located on the property of a church. These churchyards are often full of history and fascinating stories. Here we can view these resting places of our ancestors.
Date Created: 8/7/2007
Category Managed: Churchyard Cemeteries
Members: 12
Korean War Memorials
Description: Memories of the Korean War are sometimes lost amongst all the other bigger and more recent wars, however this war is just as significant as the others. This war lasted from 1950 to 1953. This category is for marking any monuments, memorials,...
Date Created: 7/1/2007
Category Managed: Korean War Memorials
Members: 12
Famous Fires
Description: A group to waymark famous fires. To count as a waymark some part of the structure has to be still up (either the whole thing or ruins), or there needs to be a plaque.
Date Created: 5/17/2007
Category Managed: Famous Fires
Members: 12
Master Architects - Deconstructivism
Description: To waymark and photograph buildings and structures designed by the architects considered to be masters of the deconstructivist style. They are the following: Peter Eisenman, Frank Gehry, Zaha Hadid, Coop Himmelblau, Rem Koolhaas, Daniel Libeskind, and Bernard...
Date Created: 4/13/2007
Category Managed: Master Architects - Deconstructivism
Members: 12
Deco Nouveau
Description: This group has been formed in order to manage Art Deco & Art Nouveau Architecture around the world.
Date Created: 3/7/2007
Category Managed: Art Deco - Art Nouveau
Members: 12
Outdoor Recreation Stores
Description: Category to locate any and all retail stores that cater to the outdoor enthusiast. Examples are stores like REI, Sports Authority, Cabelas, Black Diamond. Also welcomed here are out door rental stores and or back country guides. Excluded...
Date Created: 2/16/2007
Category Managed: Outdoor Recreation Stores
Members: 12
Doughnut Holes
Description: To mark the locations of independent doughnut shops around the world
Date Created: 1/23/2007
Category Managed: Independent Doughnut Shops
Members: 12
Pet Pals
Description: To find and record places where animals are given health care -- animal hospitals, veterinary clinics, etc.
Date Created: 12/31/2006
Category Managed: Animal Hospitals
Members: 12
Olmsted Parks Managers
Description: Our goal is to waymark all the parks, parkways, college campuses, and public grounds that were designed by the landscape architects Frederick Law Olmsted and/or his sons, John Charles Olmsted and Frederick Law Olmsted Jr.
Date Created: 12/3/2006
Category Managed: Olmsted Designed Parks
Members: 12
Fraidy Cats
Description: The Fraidy Cats manage the Haunted Attractions category for those who enjoy hearing bumps in the night.
Date Created: 10/20/2006
Category Managed: Haunted Attractions
Members: 12
Smoky Hill Trail Chasers
Description: To create and manage a category associated with the Smoky Hill Trail through Kansas. The goal is to locate and document the condition of the BOD (Butterfield Overland Despatch) markers set by Howard C. Raynesford in the mid-1960s to mark the trail of David...
Date Created: 10/11/2006
Category Managed: Butterfield Overland Despatch Markers
Members: 12
Personal Harvesting Managers
Description: Locate farms that allow individuals to go out into their fields, orchards, patches, etc. to harvest their crops.
Date Created: 9/21/2006
Category Managed: Pick-Your-Own Farms
Members: 12
Anamorphosis Street Art
Date Created: 9/18/2006
Category Managed: Anamorphous Street Art
Members: 12
Antarctica - Managers
Description: This group is being established to manage a category of Waymarks for Antarctic points of interest, should one be created. Antarctica is the last truly isolated place in the world. It is a place where the nations of the world have come together...
Date Created: 8/2/2006
Category Managed: Antarctic Points of Interest
Members: 12
Carnivorous Plant Localities Managers
Description: Carnivorous plants have their own unique beauty. They have evolved a variety of methods to capture prey in order to obtain nutrients they need. Internationally recognized organizations such as the International Carnivorous Plant Society (
Date Created: 7/25/2006
Category Managed: Carnivorous Plant Localities
Members: 12
Tenpin Bowling Managers
Description: To mark the locations of Centres for Tenpin Bowling and other similar sports around the world.
Date Created: 6/21/2006
Category Managed: Bowling Centres
Members: 12
Renaissance Fairs Managers
Description: This group manages the Renaissance Fairs category. Join the category to help us manage it, visit the Waymarking Forums, or email me for more information.
Date Created: 6/15/2006
Category Managed: Renaissance Fairs
Members: 12
Summit Registers Managers
Description: This group manages the Summit Registers category, and is currently available for adoption. Join the category to take over management, or visit the Waymarking Forums for more information.
Date Created: 6/15/2006
Category Managed: Summit Registers
Members: 12
"Z" Welcome Signs Managers
Description: This group manages the "Z" Welcome Signs category, and is currently available for adoption. Join the category to take over management, or visit the Waymarking Forums for more information.
Date Created: 6/15/2006
Category Managed: 'Z' Welcome Signs
Members: 12
Globally Positioned Saxophones - Musical Instruments
Description: Group to manage Musical Instruments category
Date Created: 6/12/2006
Category Managed: Musical Instruments
Members: 12
Town Criers
Description: We seek to record all city and town halls, buildings used as a government seat for any municipality
Date Created: 4/20/2006
Category Managed: City and Town Halls
Members: 12
Plank Roads Category Managers
Description: To manage the Plank Roads category. To ensure that new waymarks meet the listing requirements and approve them promptly. Where the listing requirements are not met, to provide feedback to submitters and work with them, as appropriate, to update their submission....
Date Created: 4/17/2006
Category Managed: Plank Roads
Members: 12
Park Patrol
Description: So much of our common life is reflected in our local parks, from recreation to memorials and art. Our goal is to locate and describe these unique cultural places around the world. If the category entries become too numerous, the category can be subdivided,...
Date Created: 4/16/2006
Category Managed: Municipal Parks and Plazas
Members: 12
SC Historical Markers
Description: Seek out a South Carolina Historical Marker. Record the coordinates, text, and a picture of the marker.
Date Created: 4/1/2006
Category Managed: South Carolina Historical Markers
Members: 12
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