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IHOP Restaurants
Description: A United States-based restaurant chain that specializes in breakfast foods and is owned by DineEquity. While IHOP's focus is on breakfast foods such as pancakes, waffles, French toast, omelettes, and blintzes, it has evolved into also offering a menu of...
Date Created: 7/1/2009
Category Managed: IHOP Restaurants
Members: 12
National Wild and Scenic Rivers
Description: To create and manage a category for National Wild and Scenic Rivers
Date Created: 3/18/2009
Category Managed: National Wild and Scenic Rivers
Members: 12
The LEEDers
Description: This Group manages the LEED Buildings Category. The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) which manages the Green Building Rating System, developed by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), provides a suite of standards...
Date Created: 1/27/2009
Category Managed: LEED Buildings
Members: 12
Travel Bugs
Description: Looking for auto club offices world-wide. The most be part of the "Show Your Card" network, such as the AAA Clubs in the U.S. and the ARC affiliated clubs in Europe.
Date Created: 1/26/2009
Category Managed: Auto Clubs
Members: 12
The Sea Rats
Description: Avast, me hearties! We be looking for treasures that would shiver the timbers of the true buccaneer. Our plunder includes historic pirate sites, museum exhibits, ports, and other booty significant to pirates, privateers, and freebooters of legend....
Date Created: 1/16/2009
Category Managed: Pirates
Members: 12
The Belay Slaves
Description: This Group manages the Artificial Climbing Walls Category. [quote] A climbing wall is an artificially constructed wall with grips for hands and feet, used for climbing. Some are brick or wooden constructions, but on most modern...
Date Created: 1/1/2009
Category Managed: Artificial Climbing Walls
Members: 12
The Correction Unit
Description: We are looking for items of Corporal or Capital punishment across the world. These must be originals from bygone times (not in use today) e.g. stocks, pillories etc.
Date Created: 12/4/2008
Category Managed: Punishment and Disciplinary Devices
Members: 12
Elks Lodge Managers
Description: Group's mission will be to locate and waymark any of the more than 2,100 Elks Lodges. The Benevolent and Protective Order of the Elks was founded on February 16, 1868 and currently has about 1 million US members. There is also the BPO Elks of Canada, as...
Date Created: 11/30/2008
Category Managed: Elks Lodges
Members: 12
Description: To waymark permanent orienteering courses around the world.
Date Created: 11/17/2008
Category Managed: Permanent Orienteering Courses
Members: 12
Description: Create and monitor the 'Permanent Charity Donation Locations' category
Date Created: 11/17/2008
Category Managed: Permanent Charity Donation Locations
Members: 12
Le Salon des Tracklogs
Description: To manage submissions to the GPS Tracklog Art category.
Date Created: 11/11/2008
Category Managed: GPS Tracklog Art
Members: 12
Out of the cage
Description: Pet Stores are retail business locations where pets and/or pet supplies are sold.
Date Created: 10/27/2008
Category Managed: Pet Stores
Members: 12
Description: Oversee the Vintage Ad location category.
Date Created: 10/20/2008
Category Managed: Vintage Ad Locations
Members: 12
People Who Like to Sit
Description: The group that manages "Dedicated Benches"
Date Created: 9/12/2008
Category Managed: Dedicated Benches
Members: 12
Grateful Americans
Description: This groups mission is to locate, and record those monuments and memorials dedicated to the brave men and woman who served in the war campaigns of Afgahanistan and Iraq. Though there are few at present, The American spirit will rise and honor these wonderful...
Date Created: 9/11/2008
Category Managed: Afghanistan-Iraq War Memorials
Members: 12
Former Farmhands
Description: To waymark silos which have been left standing without their barns.
Date Created: 8/14/2008
Category Managed: Solitary Silos
Members: 12
Historic House Keepers
Description: To locate and waymark Historic Houses built before 1837 worldwide.
Date Created: 4/19/2008
Category Managed: Pre-Victorian Historic Homes
Members: 12
Lincoln Highway Patrolmen
Description: The LHP are together to oversee the Lincoln Highway Attractions Category. For the Highway Markers go here,
Date Created: 4/18/2008
Category Managed: Lincoln Highway
Members: 12
Description: To record locations of all Apple retail stores worldwide. This is not meant to record locations of other retail stores that sell Apple products.
Date Created: 4/16/2008
Category Managed: Apple Stores
Members: 12
Northcoast grangers
Description: We are the group dedicated to managing the Waymarking category for granges.
Date Created: 4/7/2008
Category Managed: Grange Halls
Members: 12
Model RR Mangers
Description: Waymark model railroad displays that are permanent in nature and available to the public for viewing.
Date Created: 2/6/2008
Category Managed: Model Railroads
Members: 12
Friends of Friends
Description: To document and record all standing Quaker Meeting Houses
Date Created: 2/3/2008
Category Managed: Quaker Meeting Houses
Members: 12
The Prognosticators
Description: Our mission is to seek out coin-operated fortune telling machines around the world. This includes the machines with an animated gypsy or grandma figure that moves, deal cards, and gives out a paper fortune; palm reader machines that light up a bulb next to...
Date Created: 1/16/2008
Category Managed: Coin-Operated Fortune Telling Machines
Members: 12
Christmas Year Around
Description: The purpose of this group is to find Christmas Theme Stores that are open year around.
Date Created: 11/12/2007
Category Managed: Christmas Stores
Members: 12
Beach Managers
Description: The Beach Managers group has been created to manage the Beaches category, which will seek submission of beaches by sea-, lake- or river -- waymarks around the world. Natural or artificial beaches.
Date Created: 11/4/2007
Category Managed: Beaches
Members: 12
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