founder: The Blue Quasar
date created: 1/25/2009
no. of members: 7
description/mission statement:
Fish and Chip restaurants around the world. These can be national chains to independent restaurants as long as their primary focus is selling "Fish and Chips". We are not looking for standard restaurants that happen to also have fish and chips on the menu.

open enrollment: ON

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Fish and Chips Restaurants 2/3/2009
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Dr. House - Halibut
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last login: 12/4/2013
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Normal is overrated.
northernpenguin - Alaskan Whitefish
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last login: 4/22/2015
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Nothing like a chippy! Pass the mayo!
Bear and Ragged - Alaskan Whitefish
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last login: 4/23/2015
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Salt and Vinegar. Vinegar first, then the Salt. Thank you!