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Eagle Scout Project Sites allows ratings

by:  Eagle Scout Projects 

Showcasing the Community service projects of Eagle Scout Candidates around the world

Out of Place Graves allows ratings

by:  Out of Place Graves 

This category is for those Graves that just don't belong where they are found. For instance it could be a Confederate General buried in the North or it could be a single grave in the middle of a residential neighborhood, they just don't belong there.

American Revolutionary War Veteran Graves allows ratings

by:  American Revolutionary War Veteran Graves 

They're the men who served our country before it was a country. They fought for our independence and lived and died for the cause of freedom. Let us honor their sacrifice by recording their final resting spots so others can visit them.

Living Statues allows ratings

by:  Living Statues Managers 

This is a place to document statues and monuments of real live, living people.

Classic BBQ and Sandwich Joints allows ratings

by:  bbq kings 

Independent businesses serving up quality BBQ, and well made sandwiches. No chain operators need apply here. Pictures are not required for inclusion into the category listing, but are strongly encouraged. Pictures of the actual food served are even better.

Summit Registers allows ratings

by:  Summit Registers Managers 

Summit registers are books left on the summit in waterproof containers, they contain the names and sometimes writings of the people who summited the mountian.

Mountain Summits

by:  Mountain Summits Managers 

The Mountain Summits category is intended to record the specific locations of distinct, noteworthy, significant natural mountain summits.

Hot Springs allows ratings

by:  Hot Springers 

Natural hot springs and pools, both developed and undeveloped.

Weird Story Locations allows ratings

by:  Weird Story Locations 

Every community has them: those weird little stories of ghosts, bogymen, things that go bump in the night and just plain strange happenings and humans. Share your stories with the world through this Waymark category!

Devilish Locations allows ratings

by:  Devilish Group 

I have always been fascinated with placed called Devil's This or Hell's That or Satan's Other. This category is for natural locations or objects with "devil" or "hell" or "Satan" or some variation in the name.

Iron Furnace Ruins allows ratings

by:  Iron Furnace Fans 

Mark the location of iron furnace ruins here. These old industrial remains will often take you to great, out-of-the-way locations.

Irish-American Historic Places allows ratings

by:  An Bhainistíocht 

This waymark category records the many places where men and women of Irish descent have left their mark on the great melting pot that is the United States of America.

Casinos allows ratings

by:  Casino Operators 

Otherwise known as gambling halls.

Bungee Jump Sites allows ratings

by:  HighJumpers 

A place where adventurers take a leap of faith into the Unknown with nothing but some elastic cord attached.

Amusement Parks allows ratings

by:  Amusement Parks Group 

Permanent Location Amusement Parks

Plane Crash Sites allows ratings

by:  Aircraft Accident Documentation Group 

This is for aircraft accident sites, both military and civilian. Please add information and links as you can as you waymark sites. Exact coordinate for the site please. Do not touch or remove any debris unless you are certain regulations for the area permit it.

Scenic Hikes allows ratings

by:  Scenic Hikes Managers 

This waymark category is designed for those scenic or special places that you would like to share with the waymarking community.

Landlocked Lighthouses allows ratings

by:  Landlocked Lighthouse Lovers 

It's normal to see a lighthouse along the seashore or overlooking a harbor. But sometimes we find them where there is no water! Record these out-of-place lighthouses here. Look below for detailed waymarking and visiting requirements.

Libraries allows ratings

by:  Libraries Managers 

A listing of libraries from around the world!

Odd-Shaped Buildings allows ratings

by:  Odd-Shaped Buildings Managers 

Any home or building that is oddly shaped. Rectangular-ish buildings need not apply.

Junk Design Houses allows ratings

by:  House Art Fans 

This is for recording locations of houses where the owner has created art out of things most people would throw away. The location should not be for profit businesses, but residences lived in by the 'artist'.

Brewpubs allows ratings

by:  Hopheads 

This Category is meant to track Brewpubs that brew their own beer.

Celebrity Hangouts allows ratings

by:  Clooney's Goonies 

Hey, that person is famous! Help us record the hip, happening spots where celebrities hang out (not the celebrity themselves). If you catch a celebrity out of their element, record the location you saw them!

Wi-Fi Hotspots

by:  WiFi Seekers 

A location of a wifi hotspot for accessing the Internet via a wireless device.

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