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Airports allows ratings

by:  Air Traffic Controllers 

A tract of leveled land where aircraft can take off and land, usually equipped with hard-surfaced landing strips, a control tower, hangars, aircraft maintenance and refueling facilities, and accommodations for passengers and cargo. Also aircraft carries at sea are considered airports. ** Click on 'More Details' for posting and logging requirements **

Turtle Crossings allows ratings

by:  Turtle Crossings Crew 

Each spring adult female turtles around the world embark on a deadly journey key for the survival of their species. This journey takes them from their relatively safe aquatic and wetland habitats and sends them straight through a gauntlet of life threatening situations on their way to their final destination. By helping a turtle across the road and documenting here, you can show the world that you are doing your part to save the environment.

Ice Age Trail allows ratings

by:  Ice Age Trail Managers 

The goal of this waymark is to have waymarkers log their hikes with hopes of documenting hikes on every segment of the 600+ mile long Wisconsin Ice Age Trail System.

Appalachian Trail

by:  AT Waymark Management Group 

A hiking path in the eastern part of the United States extending about 3,298 km (2,050 mi) from Mount Katahdin in central Maine to Springer Mountain in northern Georgia. It is the world's longest continuous mountain trail. GCAC87

Moon Trees allows ratings

by:  Moon Trees Group 

Trees grown from seeds that traveled to the moon and back on Apollo 14.

Active Quarries allows ratings

by:  Active Quarries Managers 

An open excavation or pit from which stone is obtained by digging, cutting, or blasting.

Ancient Aqueducts allows ratings

by:  Ancient Aqueducts Engineers 

Any type of aqueduct built to provide water to villages, cities and communities. It can be an aerial aqueduct, an underground aqueduct, a surface aqueduct or a mix of all types. They brought us water, now they brings us our history. Update: irrigation canals are accepted too.

Outdoor Warning Sirens allows ratings

by:  Warning Siren Group 

Civil Defense Sirens (outdoor warning devices) are all over the US (and the world)! Is there one of these structures in your community, legacy of the Cold War paranoia?

Penny Smashers allows ratings

by:  Elongated Coins Group 

Smashed pennies are no new kid on the memory-maker block. The World's Colombian Exposition of 1893, held in Chicago, USA to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus, was the first known time that souvenir smashed coins were made for a specific event.

All Things Star Wars allows ratings

by:  Sith Council 

The challenge of this category is to find something that physically exists here on earth, that has a relation to the Star Wars universe.

Time Capsules

by:  The Time Capsule Continuum 

Time capsules are one way of sending information about our present lives into the future.

Pony Express Monuments allows ratings

by:  Pony Express Monuments Managers 

Known by many at the time simply as "The Pony," the Pony Express remains a dashing symbol of the Old West in America.

Unique Weathervanes allows ratings

by:  Unique Weathervanes Managers 

This category is seeking out unique, one-of-a-kind weathervanes. If it was bought in a store, it isn't unique. Many older civic structures and historic homes have custom weathervanes. This is the place to waymark them. Click on "more detail" above to see the requirements.

Pet Cemeteries allows ratings

by:  Pet Cemeteries Managers 

Our pets are brought into our homes and our hearts, where they are cherished and loved. We talk to them, sharing our secrets, dreams, and fears with them. We trust them with our hearts and they listen to all we have to say. What more could we possibly ask for? Unfortunately our treasured companions have much shorter life spans than we do. So having these final resting places sometimes can make it easier.

Concert Halls allows ratings

by:  Concert Halls Managers 

The home venue of your city's orschestra, opera, etc.

Unusual Speed Limits allows ratings

by:  Unusual Speed Limits Managers 

When I learned to drive, I quickly came to realize that speed limits in the United States are supposed to be evenly divisible by 5. Once in a while, some local governing board will make an unusual speed limit in order to draw attention to it.

Abbeys, Convents and Monasteries allows ratings

by:  Abbeys Managers 

Abbeys, monasteries and convents around the world.

Zoos allows ratings

by:  LCPS - Zoo Managers 

A park or an institution in which living animals are kept and usually exhibited to the public. Also called zoological garden.

Presidential Birthplaces allows ratings

by:  LCPS - Raising Presidents Managers 

Locate the birthplace or childhood home of a president of the United States, or the equivelant leader of another Nation.

Dog Statues allows ratings

by:  Dog Statues Managers 

Statues or memorials of human's best friend, the dog. Please click on "show additional information" below to see requirements for posting in this category.

Suspension Bridges allows ratings

by:  Suspension Bridges Managers 

Aesthetic, light, and strong, suspension bridges can span distances from 2,000 to 7,000 feet -- far longer than any other kind of bridge.

Civil Rights Memorials allows ratings

by:  Civil Rights Memorials Managers 

A Register of Civil Rights Event Locations, Memorials and Historical Places from around the world.

Berry Picking allows ratings

by:  Berry Pickers 

Locations in the wild or on the farm where the public can go and pick berries.

Castles allows ratings

by:  Castles Managers 

This category is for listing castles ancient and modern. The castles can be public or private, intact or ruined.

Painted Hydrants allows ratings

by:  Painted Fire Hydrants Group 

This is for oddly decorated fire hydrants. You must provide a photo with your log for verification of the hydrant. The puppymonster wants to know (and has to go!).

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