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Chinese Restaurants allows ratings

by:  Iron Chefs 

Any public restaurant, cafe, or eating establishment whose main cuisine offering is Chinese food of any kind.

Roller Skating Rinks allows ratings

by:  Roller Derby 

Public Roller Skating Rinks, whether for quad-skates or in-line skates, designed for casual recreational use.

Natural Springs allows ratings

by:  Natural Spring Watchers 

This category is set-up to explore the beauty of free flowing Natural Springs. Along the trail, in a park, on the farm, wherever springs can be accessed by the public. Allows us to share in their beauty.

Christmas Stores allows ratings

by:  Christmas Year Around 

The love of Christmas can be shared year around in this category. Let's find all the Christmas Shoppes that are open 12 months of year.

Beaches allows ratings

by:  Beach Managers 

Here you can submit all your favourite beaches from all over the world. Hidden or already well-known. Beaches for swimming, beaches for surfing, beaches for sun lovers (or just lovers), beaches for walking, beaches for riding, beaches for... you name it. Beaches by the sea, beaches by a lake, beaches by a river or artificial beaches, they are all welcome.

U.S. 40 - The National Road allows ratings

by:  National Road Managers 

U.S. Route 40 stretches 3,022 miles across the United States. It consists of several different roads and projects which, over the years, have added up to create the present day highway. This category is to mark historical locations and pieces of Americana along this road.

Freestanding Arches allows ratings

by:  Freestanding Arches Managers. 

This category will hold a collection of freestanding arches, both gateway arches and triumphal arches, ancient and modern. As the category grows, the hope is to show how such a simple shape has grown and changed over the ages, and how different regions of the world symbolically interpret this structural form.

Victorian Post Boxes

by:  Victorian Letterboxers 

To locate and waymark UK Victorian Post Boxes.

Noodle Shops

by:  Noodle Shops 

Noodles are made from unleavened dough that has been shaped into thin flat strips or round cylinders and cooked in a boiling liquid. Primary ingredient = egg, wheat, rice, Mung bean, Potato starch, Buckwheat.

Convention Centers

by:  Let's Convene 

A category to waymark convention centers.

Taco Bell Restaurants

by:  South of the Border Gang 

To find and waymark all the Taco Bell locations in the world.

Neon Signs allows ratings

by:  Neon Liberation Front 

"Give us your tired, your poor, your huddled noble gasses yearning to breathe freon, the wretched refuse of your second hand store. Send these, the tubeless, tempest-tost & bulbs lost, to us, We lift our lamps beside the broken door!" PLEASE SEE EXPANDED DESCRIPTION

Homemade Tombstones

by:  Homemade Tombstone Hunters 

This category is for listing tombstones/gravemarkers that were not professionally made. Many are made from semi-permanent materials such as untreated wood or unpainted metal.

Iconic Factories allows ratings

by:  Old Factories 

The goal of this category is to locate and photograph factories where notable products were or are made. We would prefer that this be restricted to products recognizable to most, perhaps even iconic. This could be the Corvette factory near Bowling Green, KY, the Hershey factory in Hershey, PA, or the Heinz factory in Pittsburgh. In some cases, these buildings are long gone, but record the location and giving an indication of what is there now would be acceptable.

Dockside Restaurants allows ratings

by:  Dockside Restaurants 

Dockside Restaurants provide a place for those on the water to tie-up or drop anchor and get a bite to eat before "shoving off" again.

Flea Markets

by:  Flea Markets 

Flea markets - a place where used things are sold, usually outdoors, at various times during the year.

Recommended Accommodation

by:  Hotel Recommendation 

A recommended business establishment (hotel, hostel, B&B, etc.) providing overnight accommodations to the public.

Mexican Restaurants allows ratings

by:  ¡Viva México! 

This category wants your favorite Mexican/Southwestern-style restaurants located outside of Mexico. National chains need not apply, but regional chains are fine.

Lucky 7 allows ratings

by:  Lucky 7 

This is a Waymark game to find at least seven Waymarks in a given radius. You can find and submit more than seven, but you can only use each of the Waymark departments once. All must be your Waymarks. All must be within a half-mile (0.8 KM) radius. For an extra challenge, limit the radius to a tenth of a mile (0.16 KM). Some of us WM in target rich environment. Any future nearby Lucky Seven Waymarks cannot reuse a Waymark (WM) used in a previous WM. This means you can only use each WM once.

Burger Chef (Former Locations) allows ratings

by:  Burger Chef & Jeff 

Remember your local Burger Chef by placing a waymark for all former locations. Our purpose is to catalog the history and demise of one of America's most popular fast food chains. Burger Chef had over 2,500 locations in 43 US states, Canada and Japan. Its rise and eventual fall has become the subject of case studies in business schools all over the world. Aside from the business lessons learned, many of us to grew up in the 70's have very fond memories of Burger Chef. Share here.

Newspaper Headquarters allows ratings

by:  Newspaper Editors 

With the increased exposure of internet news and bloggers, more and more newspapers are going out of business. Some are just converting to internet only subscriptions. Our goal is to waymark their headquarters before they become a thing of the past. You may also include other news print organizations. If you want to post your local televison or radio station, there are already waymark categories for those.

Barber Poles allows ratings

by:  The Barbers. 

This category was created to find the last remaining "Barber Poles" that might be found in working barber shops or on "permanent" display in another location.

War and Military Museums allows ratings

by:  The Museum Curators 

This Category is for submissions of war or military museums with military displays in a permanent environment.

Tattoo Shops/Parlors

by:  The Body Artists 

This category is here to waymark every single tattoo shop in the world, no matter if they are 90210 classy or Possum Trot trashy.

Independent Fish Houses allows ratings

by:  Fishmongers 

This category has been created to waymark every independent fish house around the world.

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