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Red Telephone Boxes

by:  Red Telephone Boxes 

Classic British red telephone boxes, as designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott, especially those which have been moved from their original locations.

Active Rail Locations allows ratings

by:  Train Spotters 

A category for waymarking places to watch trains in action. This activity is known as railfanning or trainspotting. Trains can be for work or transport. Including other types of rail guided modes of transportation.

Preserved Architectural Remnants and Ruins

by:  Piecekeepers 

The waymarks in this category document the locations of building or structure remnants that were saved to be put on display after the building or structure was destroyed or removed. Ruins that have been preserved are also recorded here. If "[show additional information]" is visible below, please click it for the full description.

Moose Lodges and Centers

by:  Moose on the Loose 

The Loyal Order of Moose is a fraternal and service organization founded in 1888 with about 2,000 Lodges found in all 50 states in the United States, in four Canadian provinces, as well as in Great Britain and Bermuda.

Daniel Boone Trail Markers

by:  Daniel Boone Trail Markers 

This category is to locate and share those historical markers placed over a 25 year period in an effort to help improve road conditions and memorialize Daniel Boone's trail blazing efforts and to stir the imaginations of civic leaders and school children, raising funds, placing metal tablets on arrowhead shaped monuments, leading the ceremonies and issuing press releases.

Motorcycle Sales/Service Sites allows ratings

by:  Motorcycle Riders 

Find motorcycle dealers and shops which sell and/or service motorcycles

Independent Bookstores

by:  indiebookstore-fans 

This category was created to waymark the independent bookstores left in the world.

Breweries allows ratings

by:  The brewers 

A brewery can be a building or place that produces large quantities of beer. It can also be a business (brewing company) whose trade is the production and sale of its own beer or spirits (liquor).

Scouting Headquarters allows ratings

by:  Scouting HQ Managers 

Scouting Headquarters locations.

Vintage Gas Stations allows ratings

by:  Fill 'er up 

Old Gas Stations

Model Railroads

by:  Model RR Mangers 

The Model Railroads category is a collection of locations where you can enjoy permanent model layouts. These layouts must be accessible to the public. The category focuses on G scale layouts and smaller.


by:  Celestial Navigators 

A planetarium is a theater built and used for presenting educational and entertaining shows about astronomy, the night sky, and/or celestial navigation.

Quaker Meeting Houses

by:  Friends of Friends 

The Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) was founded in England in the 17th century as a Christian religious denomination by people who were dissatisfied with the existing denominations and sects of Christianity. Their "churches" are known as meeting houses.

Made for the Millennium

by:  Millennium Managers 

To find all those things that were made to commemorate the Millennium in 2000. Anything with a specific Millennium plaque can be included.

Barns allows ratings

by:  Barnyard Waymarkers 

Barns are large outbuildings found on a farm (or what was once a farm). A peek inside the typical barn might find farm animals and farm equipment, machinery and vehicles, or even hay and grains stored there. Although they may be built of different materials or have a different shape, they can be found throughout the world in both developed and underdeveloped countries alike.

Cycling Routes allows ratings

by:   CyclingNode-maintainers 

Numbered nodes where cycling routes intersect. the category is meant for all cycling routes using any numbered system to identify the different routepoints in the world Genummerde locaties waar fietsroutes elkaar kruisen.

Ranger Stations allows ratings

by:  Ranger Stations 

This category is for locating and Waymarking the Active Ranger Stations World Wide. Each Country may have a different title for "Ranger Stations". These are normally places where you can get information from a person or persons for National,State and Local Parks for that location.

Elevated Everyday Objects

by:  Pole Workers 

Ordinarily ground level objects permanently placed up high for commercial or artistic purposes as an eye-catching 3-dimensional sculpture or sign.

There's a Book About It allows ratings

by:  Book Hunters 

It's bookmarking! The goal is to mark distinct locations that have an entire book written about them. Each mark is for an individual book.

Thatch Cottages allows ratings

by:  The Thatchers 

Thatched Irish cottages were simple affairs, and while the basic design was the same throughout the country, there were differences on a regional basis. One major regional difference would have been the use of mud walls, rather than stone, in some areas. Strange as it seems, when the mud walls were dried and given several coats of whitewash, and when the thatched roof was allowed to overhang the walls, they remained dry and lasted for many decades.

Fireworks Displays allows ratings

by:  Pyro-Technicians 

To list dates and locations where people can enjoy a free fireworks display. These are often organized for holidays, special occasions or festivals. Locations that offer fireworks as part of general admission are not eligible for inclusion.

Coin-Operated Fortune Telling Machines

by:  The Prognosticators 

Coin-operated fortune telling machines typically can be found in tourist locations and arcades, but they can also occasionally be found in bars and restaurants.

D.U.P. Historic Markers allows ratings

by:  DUP Marker Group 

These markers can be found in eleven countries (Canada, Denmark, England, Germany, Holland, Ireland, Norway, Scotland, Sweden, Switzerland, Wales) and thirteen States (Arizona, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Louisiana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas, Utah, Wyoming)--although the majority of them are located in Utah and Idaho, more markers are constantly being placed.

Holy Wells allows ratings

by:  Holy wells of the British Isles 

A category of waymarks which will help record and bring to peoples attention these interesting and historic places. There are Holy wells of one sort or another in many countries of the world.

Maritime Museums

by:  The Old Salts 

Maritime museums from around the world.

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