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Cobblestone Buildings

by:  Cobblestones 

Cobblestone buildings were constructed during the 1800's, found mostly in the Great Lakes region, although they can be found elsewhere in the world. This category is for cobblestone buildings only. (Cobblestone streets and walls will not be accepted).

Boer Wars Memorials and Monuments

by:  Australian Waymarkers 

Memorials or Monuments dedicated to the Boer Wars. This category seeks to waymark all Boer Wars: Memorials and Monuments, big and small, located throughout the world. This category applies to general memorials erected by cities, counties, towns, villages and nations to honour native soldiers as a group. (Monuments and memorials to individual soldiers of the Boer Wars are not permitted.)

Ronald McDonald Houses allows ratings

by:  Ronald McDonald's Friends 

Ronald McDonald Houses provide a home away from home for families of seriously ill children receiving treatment at nearby hospitals and are located in over 30 countries.

Safe Place Havens

by:  Safe Place Haven 

Safe Place is the first step to help any youth in crisis or at risk. This program has the community working together, operated by youth shelters or youth serving agencies making it possible for any youth to access help where the Safe Place sign is displayed. We are now also including Safe Baby Sites and Safe Surrender sites. So you can submit a Safe Place Haven or/and a Safe Baby Sign as well as a Safe Surrender Sign.

Philatelic Photographs allows ratings

by:  Philatelic Photographers 

The object of this category is to find specific sites depicted on postage stamps, photograph them and record the coordinates.

Fish Hatcheries allows ratings

by:  Fingerlings 

Fish hatcheries and related facilities dealing with the research and raising of fish, usually run by governmental agencies, but may be academic or private, though not to be confused with commercial fish farming operations.

YMCA / YWCA  allows ratings

by:  Village Persons 

Both the YMCA and the YWCA are worldwide organizations founded on the ideals of providing young men and women with spiritual, intellectual, social and physical well-being. The organizations have greatly expanded and can be found in over 120 countries.

Great Buildings of the World

by:  Great Buildings 

This category is to waymark those buildings which have achieved the status of "Great Building." "Great Buildings" are those listed on the the website Other websites may be added in future.

Denny's Restaurants

by:  Breakfast Lovers 

To record approximately 1,500 Denny's restaurant locations throughout the world.

Woodmen of the World Grave Markers/Monuments

by:  Woodmen of the World 

Many of these tree stump " monuments stand 4 to 5 feet high and show sawed or broken limbs traditionally symbolizing a life cut short. With this category we are trying to locate these special memorials left behind across the country. Please limit submissions to 4 markers per person in each cemetery, meaning multiple Waymarkers can each find 4 markers in the same cemetery. In addition we will also allow historical markers placed by Woodmen of the World, even those that are not cemetery markers.

Rotary International Markers

by:  Rotary International 

A category to waymark monuments and plaques placed by Rotary International.

La Famille Bonaparte allows ratings

by:  La Famille Bonaparte 

[EN] A place to record places of interest related to the Bonaparte familly. [FR] Un endoit pour enregistrer des lieux qui ont un rapport avec la famille Bonaparte.

Places for Recycling

by:  Recyclers 

Recycling is the reprocessing of old materials into new products, with the aims of preventing the waste of potentially useful materials, reducing the consumption of fresh raw materials, reducing energy usage, reducing air (from incineration) and water (from land filling) pollution.

National Scenic Byways

by:  Scenic Roadtrippers 

Scenic roads that are managed by a national or state scenic road program

Cruise Ship Ports allows ratings

by:  Cruise Ship Ports 

This category is intended to highlight Cruise Ship Ports. We are looking for pictures of cruise ships in port and the general area. Along with any advice or insight you might to pass along to others that may visit this port. This category isn't for Scenic Cruises like sunset tours or a short trip around a lake or port.

Donated Engraved Bricks and Pavers allows ratings

by:  Brick Layers 

Engraved bricks and pavers displays as a fundraising tactic has had a re-emergence throughout the world. They are usually found at historical sites, schools, libraries, and even businesses. Sometimes they are dedicated to a fallen hero or to the friends of a library. They typically act as a sidewalk surrounding a memorial. Our goal is to photograph and document those brick dedications.

Buddhist Temples and Public Shrines allows ratings

by:  Buddhist Temples 

A Buddhist temple is a place of devotion, worship and meditation for all Buddhists. The Buddhist Temples and Public Shrines category is a place to record the locations of Buddhist Temples and Public Shrines around the world.

Pre-Victorian Historic Homes allows ratings

by:  Historic House Keepers 

This category is for waymarking Historic Houses all over the world from before the Victorian age; this era is prior to 1837.

Flatirons allows ratings

by:  23 Skidoos 

The goal of this category is to Waymark flatiron buildings throughout the world. These triangular-shaped buildings are created to take advantage of odd shaped lots that occur where streets, railroad tracks, or other structures come together at less than right angles. We offer a home for these, even those that may not be that oddly shaped.

Helicopter Landing Pads allows ratings

by:  Helicopter Pilots 

This category is to log permanent locations of helicopter landing pads used for business, emergency or tourism.

Epic Beings and Creatures

by:  Epic 

This category is for sightings (real or immortalized in statuary, art, or enactment) of figures, beings or creatures of mythic or epic status.

Seventh-day Adventist Churches allows ratings

by:  Friends of Friends of Friends 

Seventh-day Adventists accept the Bible as their only creed and hold certain fundamental beliefs to be the teaching of the Holy Scriptures. These beliefs, constitute the church's understanding and expression of the teaching of Scripture. This category documents the locations for all Seventh-day Adventist Churches.

Lutheran Churches allows ratings

by:  Lutheran Church 

Lutheran congregations believe in Lutheranism, a part of Protestant Christianity that was inspired by the acts of Martin Luther (1483-1586). There are millions of Lutherans worldwide who belong to Lutheran Churches. This category documents the locations for active and former Lutheran Church buildings.

Canadian Legion Memorials Cairns and Cenotaphs allows ratings

by:  Legion Cairns and Memorials 

The Royal Canadian Legion has thousands of Memorials, Cenotaphs,Cairns, and Plaques all over the World for the Men and Women who have stood and or fallen during the Wars for our Freedoms.Nearly every town in Canada has at least one monument or plaque in this category.

Apple Stores allows ratings

by:  MacAddicts 

Our goal is to record locations of all Apple Computer retail stores worldwide. This is NOT meant to record locations of other retail stores that sell Apple Computer products.

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