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Sheetz stores

by:  Sheetz, Inc 

Sheetz, Inc. is a chain of gas stations/convenience stores owned by the Sheetz family. Its headquarters are in Altoona, Pennsylvania. Stores are located in Maryland, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia.

Rijksmonumenten - Dutch National Monuments allows ratings

by:  The Dutch Monuments Men & Women 

The goal is to visit and Waymark the collection of the Dutch National Monuments which are listed in the Dutch National Cultural Heritage register.

Belgium Benchmarks allows ratings

by:  Belgium Benchmarkers 

Find & spot the Belgian Benchmarks on beautiful places through the country of Belgium.

Graves of Unusual Deaths

by:  Graves of Unusual Deaths 

The mission of this category is to seek out any and all graves of individuals with headstones or markers containing an unusual cause of death.

Continental Reformed and Congregational Church Sites

by:  Reform School 

This is a category dedicated to locating Continental Reformed and Congregational Church buildings and historical sites associated with these denominations.

Feeding the Animals

by:  PLEASE Feed the Animals 

The mission of this category is to seek out any and all worldwide, <b>permanent</b> locations that cater to the feeding of animals in public or private places. These locations can be at zoos, wildlife parks, resorts, aquariums, or any location where the public is encouraged to interact with animals by way of feeding them from a vending machine, providing an animal food from an employee, or something similar.

Dated Architectural Structures Multifarious

by:  All Things Dated 

This category's mission is to seek out and document the many dated architectural structures that exist worldwide and to waymark them here as an alternative to existing categories that will not accept these dated architectural structures.

Watercraft Rentals (Human Powered)

by:  Human Powered Watercraft Rentals 

Our goal at <b>Human Powered Watercraft Rentals</b> is to find and record all locations of Rentals of any Human Powered Watercrafts.

Portuguese Inventory of Architectural Patrimony

by:  IPA 

[PT] Esta Categoria de Waymarking é para compilar a lista do património arquitectónico Português (em território nacional) e de raiz Portuguesa (espalhado pelo Mundo). [EN] This Waymarking Category is for recording the Portuguese architectural patrimony (in Portugal) and of Portuguese roots (spread throughout the world).

Free Community Book Exchanges allows ratings

by:  Little Free Librarians 

The mission of the Free Community Book Exchanges category is to seek out any and all locations that exist in communities across the globe where free books are offered to the public to borrow, return, exchange with other books, etc. Most exchanges operate on the 'take a book, leave a book' policy.

German Benchmarks

by:  German Benchmark Hunters 

<p>[DE] In dieser Kategorie sollen alle <b>offiziellen Höhenfestpunkte in Deutschland</b> eingetragen werden. In Deutschland gibt es ca. 60 000 Höhenfestpunkte, welche in der Örtlichkeit fest vermarkt sind. </p> <p> [EN] This category contains <b>all official registered Benchmarks in Germany</b>. In Germany there are about 60,000 benchmarks, which are solid fixed on site.

Carriages and Coaches on Permanent Display

by:  the Coachmen 

Horse-drawn vehicles were the most important means of land transport for centuries. Many of them have survived the era of motorization and were put on display. We are looking for places where carriages or coaches are on permanent display. Please take a look at the Expanded Description for further details.

Charnel Chapels, Charnel Houses and Ossuaries

by:  Charnel Chapel Searchers 

Charnel Chapels, Charnel Houses or Ossuaries were common in many cultures all over the world. This category is for recording the many former ones that have been converted to other use over the centuries, as well as the ones still existing. Please take a look at the Expanded Description for further details.

Cable Skiing and Wakeboarding

by:  Cableways 

A Cableway is used to practice towed water sports such as Water Ski, Wakeboarding, or others. Instead of being pulled by a boat the user is pulled by a cable suspended above water in a specifically designed pylons. The Cableways can be used either for people with experience or without experience and are extremely fun to ride.

Fish Ladders

by:  Fish Ladders 

Find and waymark <b>Fish Ladders</b> all around the world. They are also known as <b>Fishways</b>, <b>Fish Pass</b> or <b>Fish Steps</b>. They are used to give fish and other water-living animals the chance to come across artificial barriers (such as dams and locks).

Humming Stones

by:  Humming Stones 

"Put your head in the hollow of the stone and hum different notes. When you hit the right note, you will feel a gentle vibrating sensation in your body. The result is a harmonious feeling of well-being." All over the world you can find Humming Stones... and here is the place to waymark them! Let's hummmmm! [:)]

Insect Hotels

by:  Insect Hotel Managers 

Looking for <b>Insect Hotels</b> all around the world.<br><br> Insect Hotels? What are you talking about? An Insect Hotel is a man-made structure offering good living conditions to different kinds of insects that are pollinators and pest controllers, like wild living bees, wasps, ladybugs, dragonflies, beetles, spiders and other beneficial insects. Find and waymark them.

Artistic Bus Shelters

by:  Waiting for the bus 

Artistic bus stops/shelters around the world. They can be painted or constructed in an artistic way.

Grand Opening

by:  Let's Open 

To Waymark plaques and monuments placed to celebrate the opening/inauguration of a large variety of locations by a person.

Olympic Memorabilia

by:  Goin' for Gold 

This Waymark Category is for recording Olympic Memorabilia throughout the world. This includes Memorabilia of the Olympic Games and the many Olympians who competed during the Modern Olympic Games, including the Modern Paralympic Games.

Preserved Machines on Public Display

by:  Industrial History Seekers 

Sometimes, old machines are preserved and put on display after their activity period. They often provide interesting information about the history of technology and science and are sometimes more decorative than many sculptures. We are looking for preserved machines on display all over the world. Please take a look at the Expanded Description for further details.

New Apostolic Churches

by:  New Apostolic Church 

This category is for buildings currently and formerly used as New Apostolic Churches. Please take a look at the Expanded Description for further details.

Framed Views

by:  Framed Views 

We are looking for <b>Framed Views</b> all around the world. Have you ever seen a huge picture frame or a free standing window showing the best view to an interesting location? This is the place to waymark them.<br><br> Please take a look at the Expanded Description for further details.

Current and Former Exchanges

by:  Traders 

An exchange is an organized market where tradable goods are sold and bought. We are looking for the locations of current and former exchanges around the world.

Paintings Then and Now

by:   Paintings Then and Now  

Find a painting, find the spot, and take a current picture at the same spot towards the same location.

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