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U.S. National Register of Historic Places allows ratings

by:  National Register of Historic Places 

The U.S. National Register of Historic Places lists over 87,000 sites officially approved by the U.S. National Park Service as cultural resources worthy of preservation.


U.S. Benchmarks allows ratings

by:  Recovered US Benchmarks 

This waymark category is for waymarking and logging any benchmarks recovered in the U.S. and other U.S. territories only.


Wikipedia Entries allows ratings

by:  Wikipedia Entries Managers 

Many Wikipedia entries have a physical presence in the real world. This is an effort to document these locations and help reference the unique wiki content online.


U.S. Post Offices allows ratings

by:  U.S. Post Offices 

Our goal at U.S. Post Offices is to locate and waymark as many of these fine government establishments as possible. Large or small, we want to see them all.


NRHP Historic Districts - Contributing Buildings allows ratings

by:  NRHP Geeks 

This category is to list structures cast in a supporting role for National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) Historic Districts as 'contributing structures.'


Worldwide Cemeteries

by:  Worldwide Cemetery Consortium  

To Waymark all cemeteries and final resting place locations worldwide weather it has one Grave or Thousands


Dated Buildings and Cornerstones allows ratings

by:  Stone Corners 

Buildings on which the date of construction was incorporated in the fabric of the building by the builders and is clearly visible. Cornerstones are an example.


Fountains allows ratings

by:  Fountain MGMT Group 

Any and all type of non-drinking type fountain, and not the type of place you purchase refreshment. Indoor or outdoor, fountains with running water. Description will be revised as necessary.


'You Are Here' Maps

by:  "You Are Here" Managers 

We've all seen those maps at the Mall or at an Amusement Park or even around town that have a little star or some other marker and say "You Are Here," That is what we are looking for in this Category.


Texas Historical Markers

by:  Texas Historical Markers Group 

Seek out a Texas Historical Marker. Record the coordinates, text, and a picture of the marker. If "[show additional information]" is visible below, please click it to see the full description and requirements. URGENT NOTE: Due to a site bug, you should complete the Marker Text field before Saving even if you plan to Save without Submitting. NOTE: Categorizing an Uncategorized waymark into this category will have the same bug in the Marker Text field as above. Not recommended.


U.K. and Ireland Trigpoints allows ratings

by:  UK And Ireland Trigpoints Managers 

All survey marks or objects used by the UK Ordnance Survey, Ordnance Survey Northern Ireland (OSNI) <br> PLEASE NOTE, THERE IS A FACILITY TO SUGGEST CHANGES TO WAYMARKS, THE UK WAYMARKERS WOULD PREFER IF YOU EMAILED THEM DIRECT IF ANY CHANGES TO THEIR WAYMARKS ARE NEEDED. THANK YOU. <P> <A HREF=""target= _blank">choose your Region from approved UK Region Map</a>


Figurative Public Sculpture allows ratings

by:  Figurative Public Sculpture 

Figurative sculpture is sculpture that is based on the human or animal figure, but NOT that of any one particular human or animal. Please click on "show additional information" below to see requirements for posting in this category.


Murals allows ratings

by:  Murals Managers 

A mural is a painting, or other art media, such as tile, applied directly on a wall, ceiling, or other large permanent surface OR large art work permanently mounted for display to such surfaces.


Town Clocks allows ratings

by:  Town Clocks 

The manufacture of clocks became a thriving industry in the 14th and 15th centuries. Every town soon had to have its own. Although the basic mechanism did not change during this period, the development of better ways to cut gears and to make other metal parts was an important precursor of the Industrial Revolution. Today you can still find many of these giant clocks in town centers and other important meeting spots. Find and mark a "Town Clock" that still exists in your area.


Neon Signs allows ratings

by:  Neon Liberation Front 

"Give us your tired, your poor, your huddled noble gasses yearning to breathe freon, the wretched refuse of your second hand store. Send these, the tubeless, tempest-tost & bulbs lost, to us, We lift our lamps beside the broken door!" PLEASE SEE EXPANDED DESCRIPTION


This Old Church allows ratings

by:  This Old Church 

Is a church nearby a centenarian? If so, this category is the place! Here you can Waymark churches with sanctuaries at least 100 years old. Also, structures which were once the churches, but are now used for some other purpose (like a museum, library or school), may also be recorded. This category has simple, but very specific requirements. Please click on "show additional information" below to view requirements for this category before you head out to waymark the Old Church.


Water Towers allows ratings

by:  Water Towers Management 

Is your town's water tower a Plain Jane or is it Picturesque. As we've traveled around the world we've seen some very pretty ones and some very plain ones. What's yours like? Please state the tower name along with the city state and country in the title and two different view pictures are required to post! (ONE CLOSE-UP AND ONE DISTANCE TO SHOW THE TOWER IN IT'S SETTING TO SHOW PERSPECTIVE.2 photos of the tower simply zoomed in or out will not be accepted.)


Statues of Historic Figures allows ratings

by:  Historic Figure Statues 

These are statues of individuals of historical importance who are immortalized with a statue of their likeness.


Dedicated Benches allows ratings

by:  People Who Like to Sit 

You see them most every time you go to the park. A bench with a plaque that reads, "In Memory of..." or "Dedicated To..." The purpose of this category is to waymark those benches


McDonald's Restaurants allows ratings

by:  Ronald and Friends 

Any McDonald's restaurant location across the globe can be recorded here. It doesn't matter if it's a standalone building or a watered-down version sitting inside of a Home Depot. If you see the golden arches, post it here.


Firehouses allows ratings

by:  Firehouses 

(Please read the full category description before posting a Firehouse - Especially the section highlighted in red.) Buildings or other areas set aside for storage of firefighting apparatus (i.e, fire engines and related vehicles), personal protective equipment, fire hose, fire extinguishers, and other firefighting equipment (including ambulances). It may also have dormitory living facilities and work areas such as meeting rooms, workshop, or laundry.


Municipal Parks and Plazas

by:  Park Patrol 

Parks, plazas and greens maintained by municipal entities


Smithsonian Art Inventory Sculptures

by:  Art Archivist 

The Smithsonian Art Inventory includes over 400,000 works of art, including paintings and sculptures. This category is looking ONLY for outdoor public sculptures. This encompasses many sculpture types including monuments, mounted art, statues, abstract and realistic sculptures.


Signs of History

by:  Sign Historians 

You see them everywhere - on the sides of buildings, at waysides, bolted to rocks - signs that commemorate the history of an area. WARNING: There are already many historic marker categories restricted to geographic areas, particular subjects, or official lists. If the marker you are trying to waymark fits in one of the existing categories, it is NOT allowed here. This category was conceived to fill the gaps these other categories miss. Click on "show additional information" before posting.


Czech Geodetic Points allows ratings

by:  Czech Benchmarkers 

Czech benchmarks and geodetic points.

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