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A category to Waymark unique and natural Red Rock Formations. It can be a scenic view, arch, mountain, river, any red rock formation.
Expanded Description:
Nature has blessed us with its beauty in many ways. One of them is the occurrence of beautiful Red Rock formation. They can be found in many spots across the globe and notably in the South West United States.

Many people who would never get off the main road would never know that many of these places exist.

This category's goal is to share beautiful places with others and get them out of the house and go find them for their selves.
Instructions for Posting a RED ROCK COUNTRY Waymark:
Log a photo of your group near the waymark. Most of all have a great time and always pack your trash out with you.
Instructions for Visiting a Waymark in this Category:
Log any waypoint that is an interesting or beautiful view or of a notable area.
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