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Australian National Parks
A national park in Australia is a reserve of land, usually owned by a national government, protected from most human development and pollution. National parks are usually located in places which have been largely undeveloped, and often feature areas with exceptional native animals, plants and, biodiversity, or unusual geological features.
Expanded Description:
Occasionally, national parks are declared in developed areas with the goal of returning the area to resemble its original state as closely as possible. Most national parks have a dual role as offering a refuge for wildlife and as serving as popular tourist areas. [Wikipedia article "National park"]

For a location to qualify to be listed it must:

1. Be part of a national park in Australia, be it a park, recreation area, monument, etc.
2. Publicly accessable
3. Be one of the following features of the park
See below for a description of each
* -Entrance
* -Visitor Center
* -Plaques/Educational Display
* -Major Park Feature
* -Other

Items that will not be included are

* -Campgrounds use Campgrounds
* -Trail heads use Scenic Hikes
Instructions for Posting a Australian National Parks Waymark:
Please include the name of the park in the Waymark name. Please also include the following information;

The type of park
-Nature - primarily for natural features or environment;
-Recreation Area - for recreational activities including motorized vehicles
-Wildlife Refuge - protect and view wildlife
-Historic/Cultural- protect an historic or cultural feature important to the particular nation's identity
-Other - doesn't fit above, additional detail needed.

The type of listing
-Entrance – where people access the park, entry signs, entry fee stations, etc
-Visitor Center – A structure where information about the park is located
-Plaques/Educational Display – A permanent sign or marker describing a feature in the park
-Major Park Feature – Some natural feature, building, location that is one of the main reasons for establishing the park and does not have a plaque/educational display
-Other – Doesn’t fit above. Requires additional description

At least one original photo must be posted with the waymark to have it reviewed and listed.
Instructions for Visiting a Waymark in this Category:
To Claim a Find for this Waymark. You will need to include a photograph at the suggested co-ords. A GPSr is not required in the photo.
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