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Disaster Memorials
Locations that feature a memorial for a disaster.
Expanded Description:
Wikipedia defines a disaster as the impact of a natural or man-made hazard that negatively affects society or environment.

Wikipedia defines a memorial as object which serves as a memory of something, usually a person (who has died) or an event. However, for the purpose of this category, we will use a subset of this definition to define a memorial.

Memorials for disasters, whether it be natural, technological, or sociological will all be accepted here. A natural disaster is the consequence of when a potential natural hazard becomes a physical event (e.g. volcanic eruption, earthquake, landslide) and this interacts with human activities. Disasters having an element of human intent, negligence, error or the ones involving the failure of a system are called man-made disasters. Man-made hazards are in turn categorized as technological or sociological. Technological hazards are results of failure of technology, such as engineering failures, transport accidents or environmental disasters. Sociological hazards have a strong human motive, such as crime, stampedes, riots and war.

Some examples of disasters that would qualify would be the Oklahoma City Bombing in 1995, Hurricane Katrina, and the Air France Flight 4590 Concorde crash in 2000. A good source for a list of disasters is Wikipedia.

To be accepted these memorials will need to be more than just a sign or marker which marks the location of a disaster. The category officers will have the final say in what meets the definition of a disaster.

Fire Memorials and War Memorials will be excluded since there already are categories for those disaster memorials.
Instructions for Posting a Disaster Memorials Waymark:
1. Name the waymark after the disaster. Include the city, state, and or country after the name. Example: Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial - Oklahoma City, OK.
2. Coordinates should be taken at the memorial location and not derived from Google earth or a similar website.
3. At least two photos are required. One photo showing a closeup of the memorial so that all of the words are legible. A second photo should be a wide shot of the memorial showing the memorial in it's surroundings. The more photos included the better your waymark will be. Include photos of any plaques that list the day of dedication and / or who erected this memorial. All photos should be personally taken by you and not found on the internet.
4. Please describe the disaster and what it was. If the writeup was taken from a website, please give credit from where it was taken.
5. Make every effort to find out all of the information for the variables. Some of them are optional, but if the information is available, then they are required.
Instructions for Visiting a Waymark in this Category:
A photo of the memorial from a different angle or view than what is already posted is requested. If a camera is not available, please give a detailed description so that we can get an idea of your visit. Please list anything that has changed since the waymark was created.
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Image for Air Force Aircraft 51-8026 Crash  - Perry County, Pennsylvaniaview gallery

NN65.7 km

Log it!

Disaster MemorialsAir Force Aircraft 51-8026 Crash - Perry County, Pennsylvania

in Disaster Memorials

This is memorial to a Air Force Aircraft crash that occured in 1956 on Tuscarora State Forest District Lands (Three Square Hollow Road, Toboyne Township, Perry County, Pennsylvania)

posted by: Groundspeak Regular Member outdoorboy34

location: Pennsylvania

date approved: 11/14/2012

last visited: never

Image for Memorial to the Lost Souls aboard Flight 103 - Arlington VAview gallery

SESE101.2 km

Log it!

Disaster MemorialsMemorial to the Lost Souls aboard Flight 103 - Arlington VA

in Disaster Memorials

Memorial to the Men and Women of Pam American Airways flight 103.

posted by: Groundspeak Premium Member geobwong2k

location: Virginia

date approved: 5/26/2009

last visited: 2/27/2015

Image for RMS Titanic Memorial -- Washington DCview gallery

SESE104.8 km

Log it!

Disaster MemorialsRMS Titanic Memorial -- Washington DC

in Disaster Memorials

The memorial to all those who gave their lives to save women and children aboard the RMS Titanic on 15 Apr 1912 is located near Ft. McNair at 4th and P Streets SW (Metro Green Line Washington SEU station).

posted by: Groundspeak Premium Member Benchmark Blasterz

location: District of Columbia

date approved: 10/27/2012

last visited: 8/13/2014

Image for Mifflin County 9/11 Memorialview gallery

NN106.7 km

Log it!

Disaster MemorialsMifflin County 9/11 Memorial

in Disaster Memorials

Small memorial dedicated to those who lost their lives in the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

posted by: Groundspeak Regular Member redtailforester

location: Pennsylvania

date approved: 7/30/2009

last visited: 9/17/2012

Image for Flight 93 National Memorial - Shanksville PAview gallery

NWNW111 km

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Disaster MemorialsFlight 93 National Memorial - Shanksville PA

in Disaster Memorials

On Tuesday morning, September 11, 2001, the United States came under attack when four commercial airliners were hijacked and used to strike targets on the ground. 2,973 people tragically lost their lives.

posted by: Groundspeak Regular Member nomadwillie

location: Pennsylvania

date approved: 5/17/2011

last visited: 12/28/2013

Image for Greater Johnstown Flood Victims - Johnstown, Pennsylvaniaview gallery

NWNW127.3 km

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Disaster MemorialsGreater Johnstown Flood Victims - Johnstown, Pennsylvania

in Disaster Memorials

This citizens' memorial is dedicated to those victims in the Greater Johnstown Area who perished in the July 20, 1977 flood. The memorial is located in Central Park in downtown Johnstown, Cambria County, Pennsylvania.

posted by: Groundspeak Regular Member outdoorboy34

location: Pennsylvania

date approved: 9/20/2012

last visited: never

Image for Oklahoma City Bombing, Stafford County Gov't Center, Stafford, VAview gallery

SS138.1 km

Log it!

Disaster MemorialsOklahoma City Bombing, Stafford County Gov't Center, Stafford, VA

in Disaster Memorials

In memory of the Oklahoma City tragedy

posted by: Groundspeak Premium Member garmin_geek

location: Virginia

date approved: 2/6/2009

last visited: 5/31/2010

Image for Tornado of April 28, 2002 - La Plata, MDview gallery

SESE139.2 km

Log it!

Disaster MemorialsTornado of April 28, 2002 - La Plata, MD

in Disaster Memorials

A beautiful memorial garden dedicated to townspeople that rebuilt La Plata after the tornado of 2002 and to those that died in that tornado and the one in 1926.

posted by: Groundspeak Premium Member Taluss

location: Maryland

date approved: 9/16/2008

last visited: 6/12/2012

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