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U.S. Tri-state geodetic points
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This Waymark category is for waymarking and logging the geodetic point where 3 states meet in the U.S.
Expanded Description:
This category is for waymarking the unique spot where three states meet. There are 60 points where three states meet and one of these has 3 unique points giving a total of 62 unique coordinates.
Instructions for Posting a U.S. Tri-state geodetic points Waymark:
Three easy steps. Determine The Coordinates of the geodetic point. Go to the point. Take pictures at the point. Armchair posts will not be accepted.

1. Provide the method used in determining the coordinates of the geodetic point. On line sources and maps, USGS maps, and reliable UGS survey disks are some of the acceptable ways of calculating the geodetic point. Old stone markers or the hand held receiver topo map, might be close by, but are not acceptable methods in determining the coordinates.

2. A description of how to locate the geodetic point is required in the Long Description field. This is particularly important for those points that do not have a nearby marker or survey disk. Example 1: Park at these coordinates then follow the red trail until it crosses the blue trail and follow the blue trail east to the point. Example 2: Park at the boat launch in the state park at these coordinates and go down the river 2 miles to the point. The river current is 3 mph so a canoe might not be a good idea. There are obviously more than one way to get to a geodetic point. Only one way is required.

3. Pictures are required. The more the better.

A) A close up of the point with a GPS receiver is required.
B) A picture of any and all nearby markers (if available) is required.
C) If there are no nearby markers two pictures at the geodetic point showing the local terrain from different angles is required. People in the pictures a plus.

Instructions for Visiting a Waymark in this Category:
A photo of the geodetic point with the GPS receiver is required. A 'distant' photo of a nearby marker or local terrain highly recommended. Include the compass direction you faced when you took the picture.
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