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Feeding the Animals
The mission of this category is to seek out any and all worldwide, permanent locations that cater to the feeding of animals in public or private places. These locations can be at zoos, wildlife parks, resorts, aquariums, or any location where the public is encouraged to interact with animals by way of feeding them from a vending machine, providing an animal food from an employee, or something similar.
Expanded Description:
This category will encourage waymark submissions to world-wide permanent locations that offer the public an opportunity to interact with wildlife via feeding them specialized food as part of their diet. These locations can be at zoos, wildlife parks, resorts, aquariums, or any place where the public can pay a small fee (or not) to provide food for animals in captivity or in the wild.

This category should NOT be confused with locations where the public is often seen feeding the animals in non-sanctioned or unapproved areas (such as campgrounds, parks, along docks/wharfs, etc.). This category also does NOT want submissions of locations where visitors bring their own food to feed the animals.

We are looking for authorized feeding areas where the food is provided by vending machines, an employee, or similar. In addition, providing pictures of a sign, vending machine, or website are HIGHLY encouraged as proof that this location is a legitimate and permanent place for feeding the animals.

Multiple waymarks for multiple feeding areas are allowed as long as each feeding area is DISTINCT from the other (for example, 'Feed the Goats' may be in one location, 'Feed the Giraffes' may be in another within the same zoo, wildlife park, etc.). If multiple vending machines exist in one location and are used to feed the same animals, waymark ONLY one location.

If you have any questions about whether a potential waymark submission will be accepted into this category, feel free to contact one of the category officers.

Instructions for Posting a Feeding the Animals Waymark:

WAYMARK NAME: You're REQUIRED to use a specific naming convention in titling your waymark to give each waymark its own unique name, along with the feeding location, followed by the city and state or country. Two-letter state abbreviations are preferred. For example, if the venue allows the feeding of giraffes, name your waymark the following:

Feed the Giraffes - My Favorite Zoo - Anytown, PA

Failure to follow this title requirement will result in your waymark being denied. (If there are a variety of animals being fed in one specific location, just use a general title such as Feed the Farm Animals) etc.

COORDINATES: Personally obtained coordinates must be obtained as close to the entrance of the feeding area as possible. If multiple and DISTINCT feeding areas exist within a facility, please create one waymark for each feeding location.

PHOTOS: At least TWO photos are required. The default picture must be of the animal(s) being fed (if not possible, do your best). The second photo should be a backdrop of the entrance to the feeding area (showing the animals if possible). A third, clear close-up photo of a sign or other identifying lettering, a vending machine or similar is HIGHLY encouraged as proof that this is a legitimate feeding area.

While we don't expect professional photography, waymarks submitted with underexposed, blurred, skewed or otherwise poor quality photos may be declined. All photos must be the waymarker's original photos and be placed in the photo gallery.

DESCRIPTIONS: A MINIMUM of TWO sentences in the long description are required to give as much information as you can about the kind of animals being fed. In addition, comments about your personal experience or visit and family photos are highly encouraged!

VARIABLES: Please make a good faith effort to provide the information for the variables. Most are not required as they may not apply in all instances.

Instructions for Visiting a Waymark in this Category:
A MINIMUM of one photo as proof that you visited this feeding area is required, otherwise you risk having your logged visit deleted by the category officers.
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  • Price of Admission (if any)
  • Location
  • Operating Season and Hours
  • Relevant Web Site
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Image for Feeding the trouts - Pegnitz, Bayern, Germanyview gallery

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Feeding the AnimalsFeeding the trouts - Pegnitz, Bayern, Germany

in Feeding the Animals

The place where the Pegnitz begins is the rocky spring with the basin where the trouts swim and can be fed from spring to autumn.

posted by: Groundspeak Regular Member virtual.franken

location: Bayern, Germany

date approved: 4/11/2015

last visited: 8/17/2013

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