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Remote 4WD Campsites of interest
This group is interested in campsites that require (or recommend the use of) a 4WD to reach. The campsites should also have a specific aspect of interest such as a significant view, linked to a point in history, a land formation of interest etc.
Expanded Description:
It is the general location and not the specifically the campsite that should be of interest. Access to the location should recommend the use of a 4WD for either safety or terrain requirements. Both highland and desert locations welcome.
Instructions for Posting a Remote 4WD Campsites of interest Waymark:
A brief note regarding the facilities (if any) that are available at the campsite would be of benefit (i.e. Toilets, Shower, BBQ’s, Pit Fires, local collection of fire wood allowed/not allowed, other restrictions, etc).
Instructions for Visiting a Waymark in this Category:
A photo of either the point of interest and/or of you at this location.
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