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Unusual Graves or Headstones
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Managed By: Icon Here Not so famous graves
This catagory is being used to show any unusual Grave sites or Headstones
Expanded Description:
You can post any cemetary gravesite or headstone here that most people would consider out of the ordinary...Anything unusual that catches your eye that stands out as uncommon...Some examples could be animal headstones in a cemetary for people, or other types of headstones that are ''Different'' than what you would expect to see...

This catagory is not for your typical headstones or Gravesites
Instructions for Posting a Unusual Graves or Headstones Waymark:
All new waymarks here should include a quality photo of the waymark and explain what makes this location special.

Please list any site restrictions such as Hours of Operation and if there are any Fee's involved

Instructions for Visiting a Waymark in this Category:
Please include a photo of yourself or your GPS with the Gravesite or Headstone
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