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Mills and Gins
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A category for non-water or wind powered mills and gins used in the processing of natural materials. In some instances if the mill/Gin is still operational, but originally was water/wind powered and has since changed its main source of energy, then it may be submitted for approval. See expanded description.
Expanded Description:
Waymarks can be any mill or gin, historical or still in operation, that process natural materials such as wood, cotton, minerals, grains, sugar cane, beets...etc.

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An historic mill in rural Alabama built in 1840

The word "mill" has transformed over the years, it used to be a common word for any factory due to how they were powered, usually by water, but today it primarily is used in only a few specific types of industry. Here is a link that gives the more common types of mills. Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Gin is a term given for a place that processes and cleans raw cotton. The name is actually derived from the machine itself. A "cotton gin" (gin is short for engine) is what separates the cotton fibers from the seed and pod. Here is a link that describes the process. Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A "cotton mill" or "textile mill" is different than a gin, this is where the cleaned bales of cotton are woven or spun into fibers. The fibers then can be used by cotton product manufacturers for clothing, sheets drapes etc. Here is a link with processes and some history on these mill types. Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Instructions for Posting a Mills and Gins Waymark:

Please do not submit water or wind powered mills there are already categories for these. In some instances if the mill/Gin is still operational, but originally was water/wind powered and has since changed its main source of energy, then it may be submitted with one exception: A mill that represents itself to be an "example" of a "historically preserved" working water/wind powered mill.

*Steam, electric, fossil fuels, animal or human means of power can be submitted and placed in this category.

*To keep this category from being overrun with common mundane modern structures, No carpet or fabric mills unless they are of historic interest. Any mill submitted that is not clearly historic and appears to be of modern origin will be declined or put to an officer vote. "Historic" in this instance, is considered to be at least 50yrs old. In the case where a structure is less then 50yrs old, but has a historic marker or something stating an historic event occurred or the structure itself is somehow unique, it may be submitted for consideration.

*Try to place in your description the date when the mill was in or began operation, when it might have shut down and any other historical information available.

*If any historical markers are present, please provide the text as well as an image of the sign or marker.
Instructions for Visiting a Waymark in this Category:
A picture of the mill or gin along with any information you can provide about the waymark and what you might have experienced while visiting.
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  • Year built?
  • Is the mill or gin still in operation?
  • What is or was processed here?
  • Are tours available?
  • How is or was it powered?
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Image for Historic Flour Mill. Waianakarua, North Otago. New Zealand.view gallery

SS45.5 km

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Mills and GinsHistoric Flour Mill. Waianakarua, North Otago. New Zealand.

in Mills and Gins

An old historic Flour Mill at Waianakarua, North Otago has now been converted to a restaurant and guest house.

posted by: Groundspeak Premium Member Punga and Paua

location: South Island, New Zealand

date approved: 3/12/2011

last visited: 4/3/2013

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