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Railroad Maintenance-Of-Way Equipment
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A place to waymark railroad "MOW" or Maintenance-Of-Way equipment
Expanded Description:
Maintenance-Of-Way also called "MOW" for short, is equipment used in constructing and maintaining the rails and roadbed for the safe operation of the railroads. This category can also include equipment used for track inspection, snow removal, crew transport and rolling stock used or converted to house work crews. Equipment for clearing trees and debris from alongside the rail line.

Photo Public Domain.
Speeders are handy little pieces of equipment. They can be used to inspect track and can tow trailers for equipment or crew.

In the early days most all the backbreaking work was done by men who used basic tools and a lot of sweat to get the job done. As technology advanced so did the tools. Now equipment is designed to do most of this work with fewer people, everything from setting the ties, laying the rail, driving the spikes and spreading the ballast.

What is it and what does it do?

Most everyone knows a locomotive, passenger car, tanker, boxcar and caboose when they see one. Chances are though, if it rode the rails and you don't know what it is your looking at, it's probably a piece of MOW equipment. They can be large or small, self propelled, pushed or towed. This site has many pictures that can help identify and has many examples of different MOW equipment, North East Rails. Just click on the links under "Plows", "Track Bed Maintenance" etc.

Various MOW equipment sitting at a maintenance facility.


This old dump truck has been sitting next to the tracks apparently abandoned. The windows and headlights broken. Who knows how long it has been here or how long it will remain before being repaired or more likely scrapped.
Instructions for Posting a Railroad Maintenance-Of-Way Equipment Waymark:
"MOW" equipment can be on permanent display or located at railroad maintenance facilities or abandoned by the wayside.

Those on permanent display should include:

*Any markers and as much information as possible as to what functions it served.

*If more then one piece of equipment is on display you may submit each piece as an individual waymark.

Equipment that can be seen at railroad facilities:

*Should be in areas that are clearly visible from a public assessable location.

*No trespassing on railroad property!

*An image of the overall area where the equipment is stored is acceptable since the equipment may still be in use and different types may be seen at different times.

*Equipment must be visible. No waymarks of buildings that house the equipment alone will be approved.

*You can place individual pictures of the equipment you saw in the photo gallery or waymark description, but please don't submit each as their own individual waymarks, just the location.

Those abandoned by the wayside should include:

*Images showing the equipment and any apparent damage or reason for abandonment. Examples missing parts or engines, wheels removed, broken glass, sitting off to the side of the tracks.

*If this is a piece of MOW that you have seen quite frequently and know approximately how long it has been sitting there, please state the information in your waymark description.

*Waymarks of this type will be more subject to being archived. If you notice it is gone or a visitor states it is no longer there, please archive your waymark.
Instructions for Visiting a Waymark in this Category:
The #1 requirement is, when making a visit have fun, but keep it safe by staying off railroad property and equipment.

All visitors should tell about their experience. Did you enjoy your visit? What type of equipment did you see? Images add a lot to a waymark visit, so we encourage you post pictures of your visit.

If equipment is missing please contact the waymarker so it can be archived. Thank You!
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Image for MOW -MUV-69 - Lužna u Rakovnika, Czech Republic - Koprivnice, Czech Republicview gallery

here0 km

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Railroad Maintenance-Of-Way EquipmentMOW -MUV-69 - Lužna u Rakovnika, Czech Republic - Koprivnice, Czech Republic

in Railroad Maintenance-Of-Way Equipment

MUV-69 is acronym from Czech words 'motorový univerzální vozík'...

posted by: Groundspeak Premium Member ToRo61

location: Středočeský kraj, Czechia

date approved: 9/9/2014

last visited: never

Image for Railway Crane Luzna, CZview gallery

NWNW0.2 km

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Railroad Maintenance-Of-Way EquipmentRailway Crane Luzna, CZ

in Railroad Maintenance-Of-Way Equipment

Railway Crane in the biggest railroad museum in Czech Republic

posted by: Groundspeak Premium Member ToRo61

location: Středočeský kraj, Czechia

date approved: 5/24/2011

last visited: 10/27/2013

Image for SVP 74 - Donov, Czech Republicview gallery

SESE127.6 km

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Railroad Maintenance-Of-Way EquipmentSVP 74 - Donov, Czech Republic

in Railroad Maintenance-Of-Way Equipment

Railroad Maintenance-Of-Way Equipment SVP 74 at train station Donov

posted by: Groundspeak Premium Member puczmeloun

location: Jihočeský kraj, Czechia

date approved: 9/24/2012

last visited: never

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