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Forgotten Places
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This category would include all waymarks for forgotten places like abandoned structures, ghost towns, and the like, as long as they are viewable from a public viewpoint. This allows Waymarkers another category option, and in return more people would visit lonely or unknown places.
Expanded Description:
In this category the word forgotten means any place or structure that has fallen into a state of disrepair, and that is no longer in use.

This category allows you to Waymark places or buildings that would often not be allowed in other categories; perhaps because they are on private land, or they, at one time, had electricity and indoor plumbing. In this category, it is only important that the place or building no longer be in use, regardless of its past usage.

Instructions for Posting a Forgotten Places Waymark:
  1. The Waymark must be a forgotten place or, in other words, an abandoned place. This can include ghost mines or ghost towns.
  2. If you are Waymarking a locale, such as a deserted town, please only submit one Waymark for that locale, not individual Waymarks for each deserted structure.
  3. You must post at least one picture of the forgotten place.
  4. If possible please provide some history of the place and details of what's there.
  5. Coordinates should be taken from a suitable place to view the Forgotten Place.
  6. If the Forgotten Place is on private land, please find a suitable place on public land where the Waymark may be viewed. Although permission may be granted by the land owner to obtain coordinates on their land, that should be a last resort. Remember that future Waymark visitors would have to obtain the same permission, which might become a hassle to the land owner. It is better to avoid that hassle if at all possible.
  7. Please tell us all you can about the Forgotten Place. How well known was it before it was forgotten? How did it become forgotten (mine closed down, town got hit by a tornado, ...)?
  • Instructions for Visiting a Waymark in this Category:
    1. You must upload at least one of your own photographs of the forgotten place. It does not need to contain you or your GPSr.
    2. Please state in your visit log the narrative of your experiences at the Forgotten Place, and the different things you saw there.
    Category Settings:
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    • New waymarks of this category are reviewed by the category group prior to being published
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