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National Recreation Trails
A place to record signs and trailheads of the National Recreation Trails System.
Expanded Description:
The National Trail System Act of 1968 (Public Law 90-543) authorized creation of a national trail system comprised of National Recreation Trails, National Scenic Trails and National Historic Trails. National Recreation Trails (NRT) provide for numerous outdoor recreation activities in a variety of urban, rural, and remote areas. Over 1,000 trails in all 50 states, available for public use and ranging from less than a mile to 485 miles in length, have been designated as NRTs on federal, state, municipal, and privately owned lands. It is the goal of this group to waymark the more than 1100 National Recreation Trails in the United States.
Instructions for Posting a National Recreation Trails Waymark:
To be accepted as an NRT trail/trailhead it should be clearly marked with the National Recreation Trail sign or listed in the NRT database. A listing of NRT trails can be found by visiting the National Recreation Trail website.

Trail Information:
1. Coordinates:  Accurate coordinates of the NRT trailhead or access point.

2. Photos:  
please upload a clear photo of the trailname and the NRT logo on the trailhead sign and a 2nd photo clearly showing the trail.. Example photo.
    No signage
If there is no sign, please post a photo of the entrance location and a 2nd photo clearly showing the trail. Also include the website listing below.

3. Naming your waymark:  please make the name of the trail and tract of land part as folows: NRT - Long Trail, Land Between The Lakes. NRT - Naha River Trail, Tongass National Forest, NRT - Alabama Scenic River Trail, Coosa River.

4. Parking:  Include information about parking.
    Is the parking area at the trailhead/access point or somewhere nearby?
    If parking is not at the trailhead please use the parking field to add coordinates to the closest parking.
    If there is no parking available nearby please note it in your write-up.

5. Optional information:

Web information:
If there's any web information about the trail/trailhead please include a link to the website, using the optional field provided.

Type of trail substrate:
natural - dirt, root; crushed stone, paved, gravel, sand, mixed etc. Example photo.

Restrictions or allowances: The trail must allow hiking, but does it also allow or restrict activities such as: biking, ATVs, snowmobiles, x-skiing, horses, dogs, hunting. If there's signage, a photo of the sign would be a nice addition.

Instructions for Visiting a Waymark in this Category:
To claim a log for this waymark, some proof of a visit is required. This proof could be a simple photo of their GPS at the trailhead, a photo of the person at the trailhead, or a photo of a signature item that a person uses for photographs, at the trailhead.
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