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Groundspeak Premium Memberemtfire10 visited The Great Fire - Skaneateles, NY
Stopped by here while travelling thru town to check out the information of the Great Fire since I am a FF/Emt. It is amazing to read that only 13 buildings were gutted by the fire during that period.

With the amount of firefighting skills back then & with what they had to work with then, it is amazing that not more buildings or even the whole town being gutted by this fire. What is also amazing the fact of the min loss of life from such.

As a firefighter of 32 yrs I could not even begin to imagine the magnitude of the skills to deal with such a large scale fire back then. However though even just looking back 30 yrs compared to now is amazing in the amount of training, knowledge, the type of apparatus & so much more in needed now compared to then.

Thank you for creating this as a waymark for all to see