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West Virginia Historical Markers

by:  West Virginia Historical Markers 

A great source of pride in West Virginia's fascinating state and local history, the Mountain State's historical highway markers have attracted the interest and attention of young and old for some 65 years. The purpose of this category is to pay tribute to the history reflected in the markers in West Virginia.

Australian Trig Points allows ratings

by:  Australian Trig Points 

This category waymarks Australian survey markers known as trig or trigonometrical stations.

Ovens and Kilns allows ratings

by:  Oven & Kiln Managers 

Ovens (or Kilns) are places where bricks, tile, glass, coke, pottery, and other items that must be baked are processed at high temperatures.

Train Stations/Depots allows ratings

by:  All Aboard 

Train stations were often the first impression visitors had of a community as they were traveling across the country by train. Many stations had unique architecture and very useful in there design. We are looking for stations/depots both old and new and documenting what is happening there today.

Steakhouses allows ratings

by:  SpringsCachers 

Locations of a resturants that their primary menu item is steak; steak and potatoes; or steak and seafood.

Statues of Historic Figures allows ratings

by:  Historic Figure Statues 

These are statues of individuals of historical importance who are immortalized with a statue of their likeness.

Quilt Shops allows ratings

by:  Quilt Shops 

A place to share locations of quilt shops and keep the whole family happy while caching and waymarking.

Capitol Buildings

by:  Capitols - Managers 

The Capitols category has been created to Waymark the central government building of a country or a state, provincial or equivalent principle division of a country. This is not for counties, municipalities, local governments, or other smaller divisions of territory.

Science Museums allows ratings

by:  Curators of Science 

Science museums of all types around the world

New World Ancient Evidence allows ratings

by:  Ancient Evidence 

This Waymark Category is for recording the coordinates of evidence of New World cultures who lived in the Americas in pre-historic times. These include, bedrock mortars (Indian grinding holes), ruins of dwellings, petroglyphs, pyramids, and other. These sites may still be considered sacred and all sites are protected under US Federal Law.

Shooting Ranges allows ratings

by:  Rangers 

Lets go Shooting! Share your favorite shooting range here or find a shooting range to shoot in your favorite Firearm.

Blue Star Memorial Highway Markers allows ratings

by:  Blue Star Memorial Highways 

Blue Star Memorial Highway Markers are located throughout the United States. Since 1945, when the Blue Star program began, they have been placed to honor the servicemen and women of the U.S. Armed Forces. Click on "show additional information" below for category requirements.

Whispering Giant Sculptures allows ratings

by:  Whispering to Giants 

Whispering Giants are a series of public art sculptures depicting Native Americans and Canadian First People by Peter Wolf Toth. He has donated a sculpture to each U.S. state and Canadian Province with a few donated outside North America.

Bowling Centres allows ratings

by:  Tenpin Bowling Managers 

Bowling at pins has been around since Egyptian times. It has evolved into the competitive sport of Ten Pin Bowling which is played in more than 90 countries. There are a number of variations to the main game including Duck Bowling and Candlestick Bowling.

Long Distance Hiking Trails allows ratings

by:  Long Distance Hiking Trailheads 

The purpose of this category is to waymark the start and finish trailheads of long-distance walking trails throughout the world. The intention is build a database of long-distance walking trails and tracks.

Florida Historical Markers allows ratings

by:  Florida Historic Markers 

Seek out a Florida Historical Marker. Record the coordinates, text, and a picture of the marker.

Nude Beaches allows ratings

by:  Nude Beaches 

Clothing optional beaches, swimming holes, or hot springs.

Toynbee Tiles allows ratings

by:  Who is Toynbee? 

Mysterious plaques have appeared embedded in streets in several cities across the country. Nobody knows who is placing them...

Geographical Centers

by:  At The Center 

Monuments or markers that are placed at the geographical centers of Provinces, States, Countries or Continents.

Military Ships and Submarines (Decommissioned) allows ratings

by:  Decommissioned Military Ships and Submarines 

Nearly every developed nation in world history has a rich maritime history. Decommissioned naval vessels, maritime military museums and other maritime military historical sites dot the United States coastlines. Many other countries throughout the modern world have similar sites. This group seeks to document and discover these maritime military Waymarks for others to visit, to admire, and to remember.

Texas Historical Markers

by:  Texas Historical Markers Group 

Seek out a Texas Historical Marker. Record the coordinates, text, and a picture of the marker. If "[show additional information]" is visible below, please click it to see the full description and requirements. URGENT NOTE: Due to a site bug, you should complete the Marker Text field before Saving even if you plan to Save without Submitting. NOTE: Categorizing an Uncategorized waymark into this category will have the same bug in the Marker Text field as above. Not recommended.

Carousels allows ratings

by:  Reach for the Brass Ring 

Permanent locations of full sized Carousels.

Country Churches allows ratings

by:  Country Churches 

Country Churches. We have all seen these very rural beautiful symbols of our past out in rural areas in our community. They stand tall and majestic and are a symbol of a way of living that once was. Country Churches are just what the name states. Churches in the country. They are NOT "within city limits". They may have a farm nearby because most of them do. But, they are located at least ONE MILE(1 mile) or more AWAY from a POPULATED hamlet/city/town/or village.

Nebraska Historical Markers allows ratings

by:  Nebraska Historic Markers 

Nebraska is full of historical markers and they are a good way to learn a bit of history. The purpose of the historical marker program is to create awareness of historically significant and interesting sites in the state and to entertain travelers.

Iowa Historical Markers allows ratings

by:  Iowa Historic Markers 

Iowa is fortunate to have many local organizations, state owned museums and historical sites working together to preserve the history of the state of Iowa.

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