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Oddball Museums allows ratings

by:  Oddball Museums Managers 

You'll find the oddest museums in the most unlikely places. The Museum of Spam, The Toilet Seat Art Museum, and the Incredible World of Navel Fluff are just a few.


Self Guided Walks and Trails

by:  The Walkabouts 

The purpose of this Category is to document Self Guided Walks and Trails as described below.


Last of its Kind allows ratings

by:  Last of its Kind 

This category is for people, places, events or things that are the "Last" of its kind.


Coffee Shops - Regional Chains

by:  Coffee Connoisseurs 

This category is for outlets of REGIONAL coffee shops, as opposed to those that are local and independent, or are national/international in scope.


Topiaries allows ratings

by:  Topiaries Managers 

Document the topiary art you find in your daily travels or vacations around the world!


Unusual Speed Limits allows ratings

by:  Unusual Speed Limits Managers 

When I learned to drive, I quickly came to realize that speed limits in the United States are supposed to be evenly divisible by 5. Once in a while, some local governing board will make an unusual speed limit in order to draw attention to it.


Mines allows ratings


A site to way mark all kinds of mines from around the world, working or abandoned mines, metal (ie Tin, Copper, Zinc etc) or non metal mines (ie Coal, Diamond, Salt etc). To exclude quarries (ie where road stone or a none specific mineral is worked. To include open pits / mines ie Coal, Copper, Gypsum etc). Excludes natural caves unless exploited for mineral (ie Derbyshire Blue John Mines or similar). Can include named placer or alluvial mine sites.


Mountain Bike Trailheads allows ratings

by:  Mountain Bike Trailhead MGMT Group 

Mountain bike trails, with name, general trail location, trailhead lat/lon, link to trail map (if available). More information you provide, the more fun others can / will have visiting the trails.


Painted Hydrants allows ratings

by:  Painted Fire Hydrants Group 

This is for oddly decorated fire hydrants. You must provide a photo with your log for verification of the hydrant. The puppymonster wants to know (and has to go!).


Broken Column Headstones

by:  Broken Column Headstones 

This category is for Broken Column headstones/monuments found in cemeteries; however, Broken Column headstones/monuments found outside a cemetery will be considered on a case-by-case basis. This is for columns that were intentionally constructed to appear broken to denote a life cut short.


Amateur Baseball Fields allows ratings

by:  Field of Dreams 

Description: We are looking for those places where amateur baseball or softball is played. This can be little league, schools and colleges. It can be on school, community, or city fields. The description should include the location and/or name of the field. (Example: Joe Bechtel Field, Grass Lake HS, Grass Lake, MI)


Megalithic Monuments allows ratings

by:  New Stone Age 

A megalithic monument is a prehistoric construction involving one or several roughly hewn stone slabs of great size. These monuments are found in various parts of the world, but the best known and most numerous are concentrated in Western Europe, including Brittany, the British Isles, Iberia, S France, S Scandinavia, and N Germany.


Wyoming Historical Markers allows ratings

by:  Wyoming Historic Markers 

Roadside historic markers are our windows to the past. They educate us, they make us curious to investigate, or they provide a nice excuse to take a break and stretch our legs while we read what happened here. This category is for those markers found in the state of Wyoming.


Art Galleries allows ratings

by:  Dollars for Dalí 

A category to waymark art galleries -- places that sell art.


Buffet Restaurants

by:  Buffet Barons 

The goal of this category is to seek out and list buffet restaurants around the world.


Breweries allows ratings

by:  The brewers 

A brewery can be a building or place that produces large quantities of beer. It can also be a business (brewing company) whose trade is the production and sale of its own beer or spirits (liquor).


Unique Artistic Shop Signs

by:  Unique Artistic Shop Signs 

The goal of this category is to waymark Unique Artistic Shop Signs where the name or kind of the shop is depicted in a symbolic and artistic way.

We are NOT looking for ordinary everyday shop signs, which can be found in any city around the world many times. See the expanded Description for details and examples.


Peanuts Characters allows ratings

by:  Peanuts/Charles Schultz 

This category is for all you Peanut's lovers. It's a tribute to Charles Schultz and his characters. Meet the characters: Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Woodstock, Linus, Lucy, Sally, Schroeder, Peppermint Patty, Marcie, Pigpen, Franklin and Rerun.


Battlefields allows ratings

by:  Battlefields 

To waymark historic battlefields throughout the world. Anything from major battles like Waterloo and Gettysburg, to minor local skirmishes.


World War II Sites allows ratings

by:  Significant WWII Sites 

Sites historically important to the Second World War can be recorded here.


Tattoo Shops/Parlors

by:  The Body Artists 

This category is here to waymark every single tattoo shop in the world, no matter if they are 90210 classy or Possum Trot trashy.


Applebee's Restaurants

by:  Eatin' Good in the Neighborhood 

A category to waymark Applebee's restaurants from around the world.


Way of St. James allows ratings

by:  By the Way 

The Way of St. James is a large network of ancient pilgrim routes stretching across Europe and coming together in Santiago de Compostela that exists since the ninth century.


Professional Sports Venues allows ratings

by:  The Pro Sports Maniacs 

The goal is to waymark all the venues worldwide (stadiums, arenas, etc) used by professional teams of all sorts of sports (Football - soccer, american and australian, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, Rugby, etc). If you're a fan of one of these teams, you'll probably do your best to waymark the venue!


Weather Stations allows ratings

by:  Weather Stations 

A weather station is a group of instruments for measuring atmospheric conditions, usually in a support structure which protects some of the equipment from harsh conditions.

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