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Ferries and Ferry Landings allows ratings

by:  Ferry loggers 

This category contains ferry landings and ferry terminals. This category initially covered ferries, as well, but their mobility made waymarking problematic (no fixed location for people to find them).


Tennis Facilities allows ratings

by:  Tennis Facilitators 

The purpose of this category is to waymark places to play and watch tennis around the world.


D.U.P. Historic Markers allows ratings

by:  DUP Marker Group 

These markers can be found in eleven countries (Canada, Denmark, England, Germany, Holland, Ireland, Norway, Scotland, Sweden, Switzerland, Wales) and thirteen States (Arizona, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Louisiana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas, Utah, Wyoming)--although the majority of them are located in Utah and Idaho, more markers are constantly being placed.


Guest Books  allows ratings

by:  GuestBookers 

This category waymarks Guest or Visitors Books that are publicly accessible


Oklahoma Historical Markers

by:  Boomer Sooners 

To find, photograph and record all the Oklahoma historical markers.


Abbeys, Convents and Monasteries allows ratings

by:  Abbeys Managers 

Abbeys, monasteries and convents around the world.


Arizona Historical Markers allows ratings

by:  Arizona Historical Markers Recovery Project 

This category documents the historical markers found in Arizona.


Gates of Distinction allows ratings

by:  The Gatekeepers 

With this 'Category' we would like to find Unique, Historic, Ornamental or "Classy" Garden or Driveway gates that are appealing to the eye and make you want to stop and take a picture.
*All postage size photos will be rejected*


Bridge Date Stones and Plaques

by:  Bridge Daters 

This category seeks to find bridge date stones or bronze tablets which permanently recorded the date a bridge was constructed or dedicated.


Património Português (Portuguese Heritage)

by:  Heritage 

[PT] Esta categoria é para criar waymarks do patrimônio Português. [ENG]This category is to waymarking Portuguese heritage.


New Mexico Historical Markers allows ratings

by:  New Mexico Historical Markers 

Dedicated to locate and mark New Mexico Historical Monuments and Plaques set by the Local,State or Federal Historical Societies.


9/11 Memorial Sites allows ratings

by:  9/11 Memorials Group 

Locations that feature a memorial to September 11.


Barns allows ratings

by:  Barnyard Waymarkers 

Barns are large outbuildings found on a farm (or what was once a farm). A peek inside the typical barn might find farm animals and farm equipment, machinery and vehicles, or even hay and grains stored there. Although they may be built of different materials or have a different shape, they can be found throughout the world in both developed and underdeveloped countries alike.


Korean War Memorials allows ratings

by:  Korean War Memorials 

Memorials, plaques, and monuments dedicated to the Korean War.



by:  Q-Foodies 

To locate Quiznos stores.


Vintage Gas Stations allows ratings

by:  Fill 'er up 

Old Gas Stations


Arby's Restaurants allows ratings

by:  We're Thinkin' Arby's 

Any arby's restaurant location around the world will be waymarked here.


Ontario Heritage Properties allows ratings

by:  Ontario Heritage Property Guardians 

Ontario maintains the Ontario Heritage Properties database which provides a great resource for locating buildings and structures of heritage value all across Ontario. The objectives of this category are to waymark properties listed in this database and comment on the site, its history and any changes you observed from the published description.


Unique Manhole Covers

by:  The Sewer Rats 

To locate and submit interesting ground access covers with unusual other than mass produced patterns or designs.


Domino's Pizza

by:  Domino's Pizza 

Any Domino's Pizza location globally can be Waymarked here.


Out of Place Graves allows ratings

by:  Out of Place Graves 

This category is for those Graves that just don't belong where they are found. For instance it could be a Confederate General buried in the North or it could be a single grave in the middle of a residential neighborhood, they just don't belong there.



by:  Skateboarding Parks 

Skate board parks all around the world.


Odd Fellow Lodges allows ratings

by:  Odd Fellows 

The goal is to find and photograph Odd Fellows lodges, as well as any homes, encampments, grave yards, or other affiliated locations. This could include Rebekah and Theta Rho Girls' Clubs, which are related organizations. These could be locations in other countries, too.


Natural Springs allows ratings

by:  Natural Spring Watchers 

This category is set-up to explore the beauty of free flowing Natural Springs. Along the trail, in a park, on the farm, wherever springs can be accessed by the public. Allows us to share in their beauty.


Newspaper Headquarters allows ratings

by:  Newspaper Editors 

With the increased exposure of internet news and bloggers, more and more newspapers are going out of business. Some are just converting to internet only subscriptions. Our goal is to waymark their headquarters before they become a thing of the past. You may also include other news print organizations. If you want to post your local televison or radio station, there are already waymark categories for those.

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