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Pizza Shops - Regional Chains
Managed By: Icon Here Pizza Pizza Pizza
This category is for outlets of REGIONAL pizza shops, as opposed to those that are local and independent, or are national/international in scope.
Expanded Description:
This category is for pizza shops that are part of a regional franchise or chain. Independent pizza shops and national/international franchises and chains are excluded.

This category is for restaurants whose focus is primarily pizza. Many places have pizza as a menu item, but they may not qualify. Also, restaurants that feature a full Italian menu, with pizza as a choice, do not qualify. Usually the name or the menu will help identify the nature of the business, though not always. Places specializing in "flat bread" will also be accepted.

What qualifies as a REGIONAL franchise or chain:

1. Any franchise or chain already on the list!

As new waymarks are submitted, that franchise/chain will be added to the variable drop-down list and we'll try to keep the list here updated.

2. Basic definition for the United States and Canada

* In general a chain should have outlets in several states, although in some cases they may be confined to one large state.
* If a group of businesses is family owned, or has only a few outlets in a smaller geographic area, then it is probably in independent shop.
* The line between REGIONAL and NATIONAL is more difficult to draw. We will try to be flexible on this, but in general we will follow these guidelines:
- Outlets in fewer than 20 states
- Confined to a geographic region such as west coast, east coast, midwest or south.
(usually there will be a concentration in the original city or state, dispersed outward.

3. Chains outside Canada and the United States

* Franchises or chains that are confined to one country will be considered "regional" for the purposes of this category.
* Franchises or chains that have outlets in more than one country may be considered regional if it is a relatively small group and still confined a small, well-defined area. These will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

The following is a starting list of qualifying pizza chains. Most links are to store locator pages if there is one.

Arizona Pizza
Aurelio's Pizza
Blaze Pizza
Boston Pizza
Boston's The Gourmet Pizza
Casey's General Store
East of Chicago
Edwardo's Pizza
Fox's Pizza Den
Gabriel Pizza
Gino's Pizza
Giordanos's Pizza
Godfathers Pizza (CANADA)
Grotto Pizza
Happy Joe's
Hell Pizza
Hideaway Pizza
Hungry Howie's Pizza
Idaho Pizza Company
Imo's Pizza
Imsil Pizza
Jet's Pizza
Koti Pizza
Lamppost Pizza
LaRosa's Pizzeria
Lou Malnati's Pizza
Mark's Pizzeria
Mellow Mushroom Pizza
Mountain Mike's
Mr. Jim's Pizza
Mr. Pizza (Korea)
Mr. Pizza (Portugal)
Panago Pizza
Papa Gino's
Papa Murphy's Pizza
Papa Romanos
Peter Piper Pizza
Pizza Express (UK)
Pizza Go Home
Pizza Nova
Pizza Patron
Pizza Pizza
Pizza Plus
Pizza Ranch
Pizza Shoppe
Pizza 73
Rocky Rococo
Rotelli Pizza & Pasta
Round Table Pizza
Sammy's Pizza
Shakey's Pizza (Philippines)
Shakey's Pizza (United Sates)
Snappy Tomato Pizza
Stageline Pizza
Streets of New York
U.S. Pizza Company
Westside Pizza
Uno-Pizza (Germany)

Non -Qualifying:

Uno Chicago Grill - 32 states, international
California Pizza Kitchen - 35 states, 10 countries

Instructions for Posting a Pizza Shops - Regional Chains Waymark:


First, check to see if the franchise or chain is already on the list. If it is on the list, then you are free to submit it as a qualifying site.

Second, if your waymark represents a new regional franchise or chain, please include the following:

* Web site address. Most regional businesses will have a website. If it doesn't, it may be local or independent.
* Number of states and provinces, or country, where there are outlets
* Total number of outlets
* Narrative description stating why you think this qualifies as a regional franchise or chain
* Optiional - Write a short profile of this company that we can include in this page.

This information can be submitted to the group leader before posting a waymark, or as part of the waymark when submitted. Our intent is to be more inclusive than exclusive while maintaining a sense of consistency within the category, so we'll be as generous as we can.

1). COORDINATES: Personally obtained coordinates must be obtained as close to the main entrance of the business as possible. Coordinates should NOT be taken at, be taken from viewing areas unless access is somehow restricted.

2). PHOTOS: A minimum of TWO photos is required. One must show the entire building and the other must be a clear close-up of a sign or identifying lettering. (If there is no sign at all, or other restrictions on photography, please write a note in the private message box when submitting the waymark). While we don't expect professional photography, waymarks submitted with underexposed, blurred, skewed or otherwise poor quality photos may be declined. All photos must be the waymarker's original photos and be placed in the photo gallery for the waymark.

3). DESCRIPTIONS: Keep in mind that the quick description is what people see when browsing, so do your best to give a succinct description that will give people at a glance an overview of the waymark.

In the long description, include any relevant information about this particular location. If you can say it all in the short description, that is fine. If you copy and paste, you MUST give proper attribution.

4). VARIABLES: Please make a good faith effort to provide the information for the variables. Most are not required as they may not apply in all instances.

5). WAYMARK NAME: The waymark title should begin with the franchise/chain name, followed by any clarifying identification such as a street name, if needed, The city and state or country must be at the end of each waymark . (Two letter state abbreviations are preferred for U.S. sites).
Use the following examples as a guide:
FINEST PIZZA CHAIN - Main St. - Chicago, IL

SPECIAL NOTE: While the details outlined in our category description, and the requirements listed in the posting instructions, cover the MINIMUM elements and standards for all waymarks in this category, each waymark will also be evaluated by a volunteer reviewer for overall quality and appropriateness. If a reviewer deems that there are deficiencies in some aspect of the waymark, the waymark may be either declined or accepted with request for changes and/or additions in either content or format.

Each waymark will be evaluated on its own merits. We will endeavor to be reasonable and flexible while maintaining the quality standards for the category. If there is a disagreement, try to work it out with the evaluating officer, or appeal to the group leader, but we reserve the right to accept or decline a waymark based on our best judgement.

LANGUAGE NOTE: We recognize waymarking as a global hobby and welcome waymarks from all countries. Because of our international scope, we also acknowledge ENGLISH as our lingua franca. English will create the highest level of accessibility globally. All waymarks must have at least a short description in ENGLISH. We encourage bilingual and multilingual waymarks, but one of the languages must be English. We have volunteer translators to help.

Relying on software or internet based translators, such as Babylon and Google Translate, may NOT yield accurate translations that are intelligible. Use these only when there is no alternative. Although we do not expect grammatical perfection, a waymark may be declined if there the English language is not understandable.

Instructions for Visiting a Waymark in this Category:
Please give the date of your visit and describe your experience. New photos are always appreciated.
Category Settings:
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  • New waymarks of this category are reviewed by the category group prior to being published
  • Category is visible in the directory
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  • Relevant Web Site (Optional)
  • Franchise/Chain Name
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Pizza Shops - Regional ChainsStageline Pizza - Plains, MT

in Pizza Shops - Regional Chains

Not many pizza places in Plains, but then Plains isn't that big, either. This one is a good choice.

posted by: Groundspeak Premium Member BK-Hunters

location: Montana

date approved: 11/23/2014

last visited: never

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